Sturgeon Fishing Is Open All Year:
$185 per person Full Day Trips
$900 for the boat (seats 6)

 Trophy Sturgeon June 2011

Keeper Sturgeon

     Come aboard and battle the largest Freshwater fish in the world! Columbia River White Sturgeon are a prehistoric bottom feeding fish that grow very slowly and live long lives – 80 to 150 years old, and can reach lengths of over 14ft! Sturgeon fishing is typically very relaxing with lots of action fighting fish. We fish for sturgeon on anchor with rods for everyone out the back of the boat and along the sides. On a typical day, we hook 20-60+ Sturgeon, many of which are “shakers” under 3 feet in length and nice sized ones averaging 5 feet in length.

     Catch and release Sturgeon fishing is all year long, but the retention season is usually set for January and February and is subject to change based on quota limits. Keeper Sturgeon are approximately 3 to 5 feet in length and have a delicious firm white and flaky meat similar to Halibut. If you want a fun, action-packed day catching "dinosaurs," a Columbia River Sturgeon trip is for you. Currently you are allowed 1 sturgeon per day and 2 annually.

Trophy Sturgeon

     Have you ever wanted to catch a fish that is bigger than you? If you said yes, then a Trophy White Sturgeon fishing trip is the trip for you. The Columbia River is home to the largest population of White Sturgeon in the world. We fish for Trophy White Sturgeon in Late May and June as they gorge themselves on the millions of shad that make their way back from the Pacific Ocean.

     Trophy Sturgeon are true prehistoric GIANTS, living up to 150 years old, ranging from 6 to 14 feet in length and weighing over 700 pounds! Trophy Sturgeon are known to make giant leaps out of the water, providing you with an aerial show that is simply breathtaking. They will test your strength, endurance and make your muscles burn unlike any other fish with an average battle lasting 20 minutes to an hour depending on the angler and size of the fish.

     We have had many clients fight these huge fish by taking turns reeling, much like a relay, so this a great fishing trip for team building and corporate entertainment that will provide unforgettable memories. So, if you are ready to catch the largest fish in the Great Northwest, join us this summer for a trip you will never forget.

Columbia Keeper Sturgeon Feb 2011

Columbia Keeper Sturgeon Feb 2010


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