Are feeder fish legal in the UK?

“In the UK, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 prohibits deliberate and “unnecessary suffering” to animals, but contrary to widespread belief, it does not explicitly outlaw the feeding of live feeder fish to other fish. However, it does prohibit introducing two animals for the purpose of “fighting, wrestling or baiting”.

Can you buy feeder fish in the UK?

In Great Britain this was once not uncommon, and well into the 80s so-called feeder guppies were sometimes sold in aquarium shops. But nowadays they are hardly ever sold, and many British hobbyists and retailers assume that feeder fish usage in the UK is illegal.

Is Live feeding illegal in the UK?

You are quite correct the whole issue is a muddle, but it is against the law (in the UK at least) to feed any vertebrate live. It is true that the animal welfare bill states that all animals should be free from fear and distress, and this applies to vertebrate food items too.

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Can you keep feeder fish as pets?

“Can I keep a feeder goldfish as a pet?” Well, the answer is yes, with a “but.” There are some things you REALLY need to know first before you decide to get one.

Can you raise feeder fish?

A good way to supply your predatory fish with live feeder fish is to just breed your own. It’s quite simple, and once you have a large stock of “feeders” it will be almost impossible to run out. … This warm temperature will keep your guppies breeding and allow for a constant supply of feeder fish to be collected.

What type of fish are feeder fish?

Species use

Depending on the locality, feeder fish may include: Low-quality, common livebearers, usually guppies, mosquito fish and platies. Small cyprinids, particularly rosy red minnows and goldfish. Undesirable livebearer and cichlid fry.

Can you feed live mice in UK?

Nope, it is recomend that you only do so in cases of need. As the leglislation can be interprited that you have a duty of care to both animals. I.e. one not to cause unde suffereing to the feeder, and one not to cause unde suffering to the preditor (it wont eat frozen).

Is it illegal to feed seagulls UK?

East Devon District Council is the first in Britain to make it a criminal offence to give food to seagulls. … The order means anyone deliberately giving food to seagulls on or near beaches at Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth, Beer, and Seaton faces being fined under anti-social behaviour legislation.

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Can you keep monkeys in UK?

Nonetheless, subject to certain restrictions in some circumstances, the sale and keeping of primates as pets in the UK and many other countries is currently legal. … An estimated 5,000 primates are being kept as pets in the UK, including marmosets, capuchins, squirrel monkeys and lemurs.

Why do feeder fish die so quickly?

In time, natural bacteria in the water will balance out these contaminants, but until that balance is achieved, fish may die unexpected. … Quickly changing large quantities of the water will disrupt that chemistry and shock fish, causing death.

Why do feeder goldfish die easily?

The number one reason most Goldfish die quickly is due to poor water quality. There are many possible issues with water quality that could lead to mass die-offs.

How long can a feeder fish live?

As others have said, if you’re talking about the little common or comet goldfish that are commonly sold as “feeders,” they can potentially live 20 years or more—IF they don’t succumb to diseases or toxicity or parasites from the horrific conditions they’re bred and kept in, and IF they’re provided with lots and lots …

What is the easiest feeder fish to breed?

The Easiest Freshwater Fish to Breed in an Aquarium

  • Platies. Another livebearer, platies are nearly as easy as guppies to breed. …
  • Ameca Splendens. …
  • Convict Cichlids. …
  • Firemouth Cichlids. …
  • Kribensis Cichlids. …
  • Zebra Danios.


Can feeder fish live in ponds?

Answer: “Feeder” fish are generally not a good idea for the pond. Many times they are sold as “feeders” because there is a problem with them to start with and they are not suitable for anything else. Not only will many of them die, but they may also introduce diseases and parasites into the pond.

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What type of fish does Petco sell?

Petco Live Freshwater Fish

  • Cory Catfish often prefer the bottom of the aquarium and are usually natural and effective cleaners. …
  • Betta These fish are popular for their vibrant coloring and graceful fins. …
  • Goldfish Perhaps the most common fish pet, goldfish are often the longest-living freshwater fish.
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