Are glass or plastic fish tanks better?

Quality Glass Acrylic
Clarity Constant Yellows with age

Are acrylic tanks better than glass?

Strength. Acrylic tanks tend to be weaker than glass tanks because they are much thinner and can be bent and molded. The thickness your acrylic tank requires for a 20-gallon tank is much less than the thickness of the glass with both holding the same volume of water. Looks can be deceiving.

What is the best type of fish tank?

Best fish tank overall: SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set. Best betta fish tank: Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit. Best fish tank with less than 10 gallons: Fluval Spec V 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit. Best 20-gallon fish tank: Tetra 20-Gallon Aquarium Kit.

Are plastic fish tanks good?

Because of these two factors, acrylic aquariums are available in a very large number of shapes – not just rectangular. Strength – Acrylic tanks tend to be very strong. The material doesn’t need to be nearly as thick as glass to support the same amount of water. Acrylic is also less likely to break or damage.

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How long do glass fish tanks last?

Glass tanks have a lifespan of seven to ten years on average. Every once and a while, you hear about someone with a fifteen year old tank, but it’s not very common. Re-sealing can be done by yourself, but the tank must be taken down and emptied. An acrylic tank should last for a long, long time.

Do acrylic aquariums scratch easily?

Acrylic Aquariums Scratch Easily

Over the long haul the acrylic aquariums will look old and beat up at a much greater rate than glass aquariums. … It is also extremely difficult to buff scratches out of acrylic and bring it back to its original clarity, particularly on the inside of a large, custom established tank.

How long do acrylic fish tanks last?

Acrylic tanks don’t tend to last as long as glass aquariums. However, if the structure is sound and it’s well-maintained, you should be able to get a good 5 to 15 years of use from one. Unlike glass tanks, acrylic versions are less susceptible to breaking or cracking and they don’t require resealing as they get older.

What size fish tank is easiest to maintain?

For a beginner, 5 gallons is the minimum recommended tank size, though a 20-gallon tank or larger is even better.

What are the best fish for beginners?

10 Best Aquarium Fish for Beginners

  1. Rasboras. There are many types of rasboras, but our favorite ones are the harlequin rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha) and lambchop rasbora (Trigonostigma espei). …
  2. Common Goldfish. …
  3. Tetras. …
  4. Corydoras. …
  5. Platies. …
  6. Betta Fish. …
  7. Barbs. …
  8. Bolivian Cichlids.
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Which fish tank is easiest to maintain?


Do acrylic fish tanks leak?

Aquarium cracks, chips or leaks happen more often to glass aquariums rather than acrylic aquariums. Acrylic aquariums are often advertised as lightweight and crack and leak resistant. … If you do experience a leak or crack in an acrylic aquarium, there are ways it can be fixed. Choose which type of acrylic glue you need.

Is Tempered glass better for aquariums?

Tempering makes the bottom glass sturdy. This helps it to withstand the weight of the water inside the tank. The base glass also needs to be strong to hold the substrate and rocks. That is why tempered glass is preferred for aquariums due to its hardness.

Do fish tanks break easily?

Although aquariums don’t break easily, they can be broken. … Take care when moving glass aquariums, as they are heavier than you might think. Never move a tank with anything inside, partially filled aquarium, as the risk of accident increases.

Can you put glass in a fish tank?

Don’t put anything sharp into your tank. This includes glass with sharp edges, or painted glass, objects or decorations with sharp edges. Paint can flake off objects and poison your fish. … One cut to your fish could lead to infection if not quickly treated so best just to avoid anything sharp altogether.

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How strong are glass aquariums?

Testing samples show that the tensile strength runs from 19.3 to 28.4 megapascals (measures pressure forces). Due to limitations in the glass manufacturing process, the strength of glass can vary, which means a suitable safety factor must be used when calculating glass thickness. The commonly used factor is 3.8.

How often should I replace my fish tank?

Start with a routine of a 25% water change every two weeks. If that keeps the nitrate level low, stick to the regime or you can even replace slightly less. If nitrate levels still climb, you need to change more water at a time, like 30%, or more frequently, like weekly.

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