Are you allowed to fish in the Hauraki Gulf?

Revealed: Commercial fishing will be allowed in Hauraki Gulf park.

Can you fish in Hauraki Gulf?

Anglers can choose between many species and fishing styles, inshore fishing and offshore, surfcasting and kite fishing. … Nearly every popular fish species is present in the Gulf and every year it continues to produce quality specimens.

Is there commercial fishing in the Hauraki Gulf?

The main commercial fishing methods used within the Hauraki Gulf are bottom trawling, bottom long line, set net and Danish seine. The trawl and Danish seine vessels fish mostly for snapper, but also for trevally, John Dory and gurnard. … Set net fishers target flatfish, grey mullet, kahawai and rig.

Where can I fish in Hauraki Gulf?

A medley of our best fishing journalists have provided the following tips.

  1. Motuihe Channel – snapper. …
  2. Home Bay – snapper. …
  3. Rangitoto Channel – snapper. …
  4. Battleship, Auckland Harbour – snapper. …
  5. Castor Bay – snapper. …
  6. A buoy – kingfish, snapper. …
  7. Tiritiri Island – snapper. …
  8. Awash Rock – snapper.
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Are there sharks in the Hauraki Gulf?

Around 73 species of shark can be found in New Zealand. In the Hauraki Gulf we most commonly see smooth hammerheads, blues, mako, bronze whalers and thresher sharks. We love to see sharks on our trips, as it allows us to show our passengers that they aren’t as scary as they are usually perceived to be.

How many snapper are you allowed to catch?

The Government has announced the daily bag limit for snapper will be reduced from nine to seven for recreational fishers. The minimum size will be increased from 27 cm to 30cm.

How many Kina are you allowed?

The daily limit of kina is 50 per person per day.

How many fish are in the Hauraki Gulf?

The resident population in the Hauraki Gulf is estimated to number between 100- 200. Calves are often seen, suggesting the species is breeding here.

What is the difference between commercial and recreational fishing?

What is the difference between recreational and commercial fishing? Recreational fishing includes any fishing activity that is for sport, pleasure, or personal use. … Commercial fishing includes any fishing activity that is for commercial profit.

What are kina barrens?

A kina barren (or urchin barren) is an area of bare rocky reef where kina have eaten all of the normally-occuring kelp and seaweed cover. This usually happens because people have over-fished the kinas’ natural predators — large snapper and rock lobster — which allows the kinas’ population to explode unchecked.

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How deep is the Hauraki Gulf?


What’s biting in the Gulf of Mexico?

You’ll find snapper, grouper, sheepshead, redfish, bluefish, spotted sea trout, and black drum. Into August, the bite slows down somewhat, but you’ll still find a good catch. … For example, the red snapper season ends in August.

Who owns rakino Island?

In 1874, Albert Sanford leased the island from George Grey before later buying it. He founded his Auckland fishing business from there in 1881. He and his descendents lived there for nearly 80 years. In 1963, Rakino was bought by the United Peoples Organisation (when Dr Max Rickard was President).

What lives in the Hauraki Gulf?

8 native species you could see in the Hauraki Gulf this summer

  • Bryde’s whale. …
  • Tākapu/Australasian gannet. …
  • Tuatara. …
  • Pākaha/Fluttering shearwater. …
  • Tūturiwhatu/New Zealand Dotterel. …
  • Takahē …
  • Common dolphins. …
  • Saddleback/Tīeke.


Are there flying fish in NZ?

The Australasian flying fish, Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus melanocercus, is a subspecies of flyingfish of the family Exocoetidae, found off New South Wales of Australia, and around New Zealand, in surface waters. The Australasian flying fish feeds mainly on plankton and small crustaceans.

Are there sharks at Great Barrier Island?

A mass gathering of sharks in the shallows of Great Barrier Island has locals on the lookout, while others steer clear of the water. Hundreds of small sharks have been spotted swimming in schools through the Tryphena Harbour.

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