Best answer: How do I add fish to my Biorb?

When can I add fish to BiOrb?

You should be a week to let the tank settle before adding any fish, but if your insistent you can put them in 24 hours.

Can you keep fish in a BiOrb?

Heat the water to a constant 24C and you could opt for Neon tetras, six of, Guppies, five of and some small algae-eating catfish like Otocinclus. … With a mature tank, good water quality and regular maintenance you could keep a community of 20 tiny nano fish in a 30 litre BiOrb, or 15 fish the size of a Zebra danio.

What kind of fish can go in BiOrb?

A quick list of some suitable fish for BiOrbs include: Tetras, Minnows, Barbs, Danios, Cory Catfish, and Kilifish. When selecting fish, make sure to choose them from clean aquariums with no dead or dying fish.

Can you add fish to a new tank right away?

You can add fish as soon as tank water is dechlorinated and to temperature, as long as you add the right bacteria, and the manufacturer states that it is possible to do so. But for the best possible (safest,) results start to Fishless Cycle on the day that the water is dechlorinated and to temperature.

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Can you put real plants in a biOrb?

Java fern or anubias will both do well in a biorb. The lighting is relatively low on a biorb, so, supplementation of any ferts can be done weekly.

Can biOrb heater be fully submerged?

The heater/termostats are designed to be fully submersible and there is a ‘bracket’ that BiOrb do so that you can secure the termostat/heater to the curve of the orb more easily.

How many fish can you put in a biOrb?

Based on this, in a Biorb 30 with 7 gallons of space, you could fit up to 9 tetra fish with ease. If you want to give them a bit more space, only put 7 tetras in the Biorb 30.

Can a goldfish live in a biOrb?

Biorbs really aren’t suited to fish such as goldfish they need at least a 2ft aquarium (thats just for 1) as they grow to be at least 12″, any that are kept in smaller tanks and don’t actually grow to that size are actually stunted and will live a shorter life as their internal organs still grow and become compressed.

How often should you change the water in a biOrb?

BiOrb (60L / 16 Gallon): Replace Filter every 4 weeks; Change Water (30%) every 4 weeks.

Are biOrb fish tanks any good?

The biOrb CLASSIC is most definitely worth the slightly higher price tag that it carries. It’s modern, elegant design and excellent filtration system mean that it is the perfect aquarium for any fish keeper, new or old.

Can I put gravel in a biOrb?

Reef-One advises against putting gravel, sand or small stones in the biOrb. Gravel is likely to reduce filtration and may become lodged in the filter cartridge casing. However, if you do use other gravel of ceramic media in your biorb or biube, make sure it is big enough not to get stuck in the bottom of the aquarium.

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How long does a biOrb take to cycle?

This process is called the ‘cycle’ and will take about 28 days for one small goldfish. This is potentially a risky time for the fish and the level of ammonia should be minimised by introducing a small fish and not feeding too much.

Can I add fish after 24 hours?

How long does it take for bacteria to establish themselves? Even with these tricks to speed it up, you should give your tank at least 24 hours to start building up bacteria before adding fish.

How long after adding SafeStart can I add fish?

Do not add TSS for 24 hours after using such a product, and do not add such a product for at least 7 days after using TSS. The bacteria is housed in a special stabilized solution of ammonia, so if you remove/lock up the ammonia, you remove all of the food the bacteria require to live.

How long after adding water conditioner can I add fish?

You must also add fish food every food during the cycle to mimic the fish poops which produce ammonia. Otherwise your cycling will be useless. However, if you are adding water to a pre-established aquarium. You should only have to wait 15 minutes or what it says on the packaging.

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