Best answer: What test curve is a marker rod?

Most marker rods are around 4.5lb test curve and can be used as a spod rod too.

What TC is a marker rod?

marker rods seem to vary between 2.75tc and 4.0 tc. as most dedicated marker leads look to be 3.

What is a rods test curve?

A test curve is a measurement, in pounds and ounces, of the weight needed to pull a rod tip through a 90-degree angle. Where once any rod with a test curve over 3lb was considered poker stiff, modern carbon technology has created powerful rods that retain fish-playing finesse.

Can I use a SPOD rod as a marker rod?

So NO a spod rod is not too heavy for marker work. I use a Greys 4lb TC Spod Rod with a 5oz lead for long distance marking. You still get plenty of feel.

What test curve should my SPOD rod be?

The best rods are specialiy designed spod rods having test curves of around the 4lb to 5lb mark. These will easily be able to cope with the stresses of casting filled spods that could weigh in excess of 6oz – maybe even 10oz in some circumstances.

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Can I fish with a marker rod?

you can, but trying to fish with the marker rod if you are using it as a marker as well can be a right pain.

What does a marker rod do?

Marker rods are used for scoping out the water you’re about to fish, and are most often used by anglers who are going to spend two or three (or more) days on an unfamiliar water. … Marker rods not only give you a clear idea of the depth of the water, but also provide a picture of the features of the water bed.

How do you find the test curve of a rod?

Put simply, test curve is the weight required to bring the tip of the rod to a 90-degree angle to the butt while the butt is held horizontally. Imagine a rod clamped into a horizontal position by its handle. If you attach a weight close to the tip ring, the rod will begin to curve.

How far can a 12 foot rod cast?

in open water a 12 foot rod and say a 6500 abu with streamlined weights and bait can get 100 yards or more.

Is 3.5 tc too much?

A stiff 3.5lb TC rod is only good for casting long distances, and provides a more effective lever for the fish to use against you. A shorter, softer rod with a lower test curve is more powerful, and will exert more pressure on the fish, which is why rods for really powerful fish are short.

Can you SPOD with a normal rod?

A designated spod or spod/marker rod is needed. … You can, however, use a carp rod with smaller spods and spombs as they weigh less and are perfect for baiting up at shorter ranges with standard carp rods. Always use a shockleader when casting a spod or spomb, again to help reduce the chance of a crack off.

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Can you SPOD with a carp rod?

Spod rods are made with heavy test curves of 3lb or above to ensure they can handle your spod full of carp freebies and will be built to high quality to ensure they don’t crumble under the pressure of casting heavy weights. Test curves refer to how much weight it takes to bend the rod to 90 degrees of the butt.

What is the best SPOD rod on the market?

The Sonik Vadar X Carp Fishing Marker/Spod Rod is lightweight, slim and can cast a very long distance, ideal for a spod and marker fishing rod. The Sonik Vadar X fishing rods have also been a recommendation for best carp fishing rod in our other article.

How long should a SPOD rod be?

The ‘Drop’ refers to the length of the line from your Spod or Spomb to the tip of your rod. You should make sure that prior to casting the drop is the same length to where the spigot is on your rod, which is usually around 6ft in length.

How often should you SPOD?

After about five minutes there is no cloud left and once that goes, so does the excitement. As a rule of thumb, put two or three in every five minutes, but once again be accurate, especially when spodding over Zigs as you do not want a mid water shoal moving off you.

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