Can you catch Carvanha with good rod emerald?

If you use the Good Rod (which you get in this route from the fisherman on the east side), you can find Tentacool, Magikarp, and Carvanha.

Can you get Carvanha with a good rod?

Carvanha can be caught with the Good Rod or Super Rod in ORAS. It can be caught on Route 118 and 119.

What can you catch with a good rod in Emerald?

Old Rod – This can be obtained from the fisherman near the Dewford Town gym. This will let you catch Pokémon up to level 15 (mostly Magikarp). Good Rod – This can be obtained from the fisherman on the right side of the river on Route 118. This will let you catch Pokémon up to level 30.

What Rod do you need to catch Sharpedo?

Sharpedo Habitat

Location Area Method
Route 118 Water Super Rod
Route 119 Water Super Rod

How do you catch Carvanha?

Where do i find and how to get Carvanha? Carvanha does not spawn in the wild. Instead you can catch Sharpedo and evolve it into Carvanha. A popular spawn location you can find Sharpedo is in the Stepping-Stone Sea area with a 100% chance to spawn during All weather.

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Where can I get a good rod?

The Good Rod is located in Fuschia City in the house to the right of the Pokemon Center with the small pond in the back. Once again, talk to the fisherman.

Does Carvanha evolve?


Can you only catch magikarp with old Rod?

A key item that is used to catch mostly Magikarp and Tentacool, but Goldeen and other small fish can also be catch using an Old Rod. The Old Rod is the easiest fishing rod to use due to its lack of you needing timing to catch something with it.

Can you catch a Corphish with an old Rod?

Yes, you can fish for them, using good rod or super rod.

What can a super rod catch?

A Super Rod is an item that can be used to catch Pokémon that are found in water. The Pokémon that can be caught depend on the biome that the player is in. A Super Rod has a 11000 chance of being dropped by a Fisherman and it is also possible to fish up a Super Rod from a Good Rod.

Can you catch a Sharpedo with a good rod?

All you need is surf and a Good Rod. Once you catch one you can search for them and surf to get them, literally right where you get the Good Rod.

How good is Sharpedo?

GENERAL USAGE : Sharpedo has amazing offensive capabilities, possessing a really strong ability to sweep mid-to-late game. His move set is good, and so are his stats. To use him effectively, you want to bring him out on an easy kill in the later game, when more of their Pokemon are weakened.

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What level does Sharpedo learn Aqua Jet?


Level up: Learned when a Pokémon reaches a certain level.
8 8 Focus Energy
11 11 Aqua Jet
15 15 Assurance

What is Carvanha weak against?


What does a shiny Carvanha look like?

Shiny Carvanha is drastically different from its normal coloring. It shifts its red coloring to a light blue, and the original dark blue parts are now bright green. If you think Shiny Carvanha is trippy, its evolution Sharpedo goes from a dark blue to a bright pink.

What level does Numel evolve?

Numel (Japanese: ドンメル Donmel) is a dual-type Fire/Ground Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Camerupt starting at level 33.

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