Can you eat fish from Cooks River?


What fish are in the Cooks River?

Cooks River is a stream in New South Wales, Australia. The most popular species caught here are Dusky flathead, Yellowtail amberjack, and Surf bream. 433 catches are logged on Fishbrain.

Can you eat fish caught in Botany Bay?

for a child eating fish caught in Botany Bay, and the Georges River downstream of the Princes Highway (Tom Ugly’s) Bridge – eating 1/2 serve of Australian salmon and 1 serve of any other species listed in the table in one week would exceed the recommended PFAS intake. … Farmed oysters are also safe to eat.

Why can’t you eat the fish coming from the Sydney Harbor?

Why has commercial fishing been banned in Sydney Harbour? A total ban was placed on commercial fishing in 2006 as a precautionary measure after test results revealed elevated levels of dioxin in a number of species of fish and crustaceans in Sydney Harbour.

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Is it safe to eat fish from Hawkesbury River?

EPA says Hawkesbury River fish consumption remains unchanged by RAAF Base Richmond PFAS contamination.

Can you eat fish from Salt Pan Creek?

Salt Pan Creek

Important: Fish and shellfish caught in these waters should not be eaten due to high levels of pollutants being found in these waters. You should release your catch.

Where are the fish biting in Sydney?

Best Fishing Spots in Sydney

  1. Brighton-Le-Sands (Cooks River) …
  2. Manly Dam (Manly Vale) …
  3. Gordon’s Bay and Clovelly Beach (Clovelly) …
  4. Gunnamatta Bay (Port Hacking) …
  5. Gladesville Wharf (Parramatta River) …
  6. Clifton Gardens (Mosman) …
  7. Tom Uglys Bridge (Georges River) …
  8. Beulah Street Wharf (Sydney Harbour)


Are Georges River fish safe to eat?

FISH AND SHELLFISH SHOULD NOT BE EATEN if caught in Georges River and its tributaries upstream from Rabaul boat ramp at Georges Hall, including Prospect Creek, Cabramatta Creek and Chipping Norton Lakes. The same warning applies for Salt Pan Creek and its tributaries, upstream of Henry Lawson Drive at Padstow.

Is Georges River clean?

NSW Health recommends that people and their pets should avoid all contact with the Georges River from Macquarie Fields to Botany Bay for the next 48 hours, including swimming, sailing, canoeing and fishing. The water in the river is likely to pose a serious risk of gut and skin infections.

Can you swim in Georges River?

Swimming in Georges River is not advised because the submerged banks of the river are steep and uneven.

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Are there sharks in Sydney Harbour?

There have been roughly more than 100 shark sightings recorded in the waters from the NSW Mid-North Coast to just south of Sydney in the past six weeks, according to global reporting site Dorsal.

Can you fish at Mrs Macquaries Chair?

The point where Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is situated is in the Royal Botanic Gardens. … If the kids get bored with fishing you could always take them for a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens and have a look at the huge eels and carp in the ponds.

Can you eat fish in Sydney Harbour?

Dietary advice

No seafood caught west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge should be eaten. You should release your catch. For seafood caught east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge generally no more than 150 grams per month should be consumed. Testing of popular species has allowed for more specific dietary advice.

What fish is in the Hawkesbury?

Put your fishing skills to the test, with mulloway aka jewfish, kingfish, bream, bass, tailor, and salmon present in the Hawkesbury river.

Can you fish in the Nepean River?

You can happily fish the Nepean all day using surface lures and flies and do very well. … While there is a lot of small bass in this section of the river, it’s a very good idea to get a look at your fish before you call it for an average-sized one.

Where can I fish at Wisemans Ferry?

Wisemans Ferry is well known for catching flathead, mainly around the lower Wisemans Ferry area, around 5kms downstream from Wisemans Ferry. The keen fisherman loves fishing from Singleton Road, Wisemans Ferry because bream are very attracted to this area.

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