Can you fish at Tingley Beach?

Fishing at Tingley Beach is good year-round! … Please do your part to help keep Tingley Beach safe and open. Tingley Beach offers fishing for anglers of all ages and abilities. Fly fishers can enjoy the Bob Gerding Catch and Release Pond.

Do you have to pay to fish at Tingley Beach?

Located adjacent to the Rio Grande Bosque, Tingley Beach consists of fishing ponds that are open to the public, free of charge. All anglers are required to have a New Mexico fishing license.

How do you catch fish at Tingley Beach?

Tingley’s largest water body, is designed for all ages.

Catch and Release Pond Rules:

  1. Catch and release fishing only. …
  2. No live or artificial bait.
  3. Flies and lures with single barbless hooks only.
  4. Don’t drag the fish over rocks or in the sand.
  5. Release fish as quickly as possible.
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When was Tingley Beach stocked with fish?

Trout are stocked every week from November through March with 2,400 going into the ponds at Tingley Beach and another 1,000 into the drains.

Where can I fish in Albuquerque?

The Best Fishing Spots Around Albuquerque

  • 01 of 04. Sandia Lakes. TripSavvy / Kathleen Messmer. …
  • 02 of 04. Isleta Lakes. Isleta Lakes is a short 15-minute drive south of Albuquerque and offers year-round fishing in the beautiful bosque. …
  • 03 of 04. Tingley Beach. Aileen O’Catherine. …
  • 04 of 04. Drainage Canals. Aileen O’Catherine.


Why did the Beach Waterpark in Albuquerque close?

In August, The Beach voluntarily closed after it received an unsatisfactory rating from the Albuquerque Environmental Health Department. The inspection found algae in the children’s slide, roaches in the Lazy River and dirty, unsanitary conditions in the food service area.

Is Tingley open?


The zoo will now be open Wednesday through Sunday and Tingley Beach will be open daily from dawn to dusk.

How far is the ocean from Albuquerque?

Yes, the driving distance between Albuquerque to Ocean Beach is 816 miles. It takes approximately 12h 36m to drive from Albuquerque to Ocean Beach.

What kind of fish are in Cochiti Lake?

The lake is also a popular fishing spot for species such as bass, crappie, walleye, pike, catfish, sunfish and trout. Cochiti Recreation Area has a popular, family friendly, swim beach Day Use area for public enjoyment.

Are dogs allowed at Tingley Beach?

Located adjacent to the Rio Grande Bosque and just minutes from downtown Albuquerque, this beautiful beach allows leashed dogs the ideal opportunity to enjoy some time in the great outdoors with their owners. … Tingley Beach is a lovely, little dog-friendly location that’s well worth a look.

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What kind of fish are in Navajo Lake?

Навахо/Виды рыб

What kind of fish are in Grindstone Lake NM?

The lake is regularly stocked with rainbow trout, and on occasion catfish and smallmouth bass.

What kind of fish are in Elephant Butte?

Водохранилище Элефант Бьютт/Виды рыб

How much does it cost to fish at Isleta Lakes?

Fishing Rates Daily Rates – •Adults & 12+ Years – $16.00 Plus Tax •Children Under 12 – $9.00 Plus Tax •Adults 60+ Years – $14.00 Plus Tax Admission includes fishing and Isleta tribal permit in 2 lakes stocked with Channel Catfish in the spring & summer and Rainbow Trout in the winter.

Where are the fish biting in New Mexico?

Here are a few ideas for where to catch them.

  • San Juan River. The San Juan River is a world-famous fishery below Navajo Dam in northwest New Mexico. …
  • Upper Río Grande River. …
  • Cimarrón River. …
  • Chama River. …
  • Pecos River.

Do all rivers have fish?

No, all rivers do not have fish. Like any animal, fish have certain requirements for their habitats. There are many different types of fish and each type has it’s own needs. … These fish are very tiny, but they make great bait for catching larger fish.

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