Frequent question: How do you drill a rod holder?

The easiest way to drill the mounting hole for an angled holder is to use a jig, which guides the hole saw, ensuring a proper angle of cut. To make a jig, find a scrap piece of 1-inch-thick wood wide enough to be clamped onto the gunwale.

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How do you install a rod holder?

Place the rod holder in the hole to make sure it’s a good fit. Using a side-cutting bit, notch out the desired angle and place the rod holder back into the hole. After making sure it’s 100% flush with the gunwale, install the spacer and the backing nut that hold the rod holder in place.
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What size screws for flush mount rod?

Answer: It’s a standard width. You will need to drill a hole 2 1/8″ diameter in order to drop unit in the hole for mounting.

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