Frequent question: What fish are biting in Sarasota?

Spanish mackerel, pompano, bluefish, jacks, small sharks, ladyfish, silver trout and other species we more… Excellent trout fishing continues in Sarasota! – The bite on the deep grass flats continues to provide clients on Sarasota fishing charters with steady action.

What fish are biting in Sarasota Bay?

Fishing deep grass flats of Sarasota Bay is a good choice for action with a variety of species including trout, blues, and Spanish mackerel.

Where are the fish biting in Sarasota?

North Sarasota Bay will be a productive fishing spot

The flats around both passes and north to Buttonwood Harbor will be productive for speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, pompano, bluefish, and ladyfish. Shrimp under a popping cork, live pilchards, and artificial lures are all productive baits.

What fish are in season in Siesta Key Florida?

Fish species in Sarasota waters

  • Amberjack – Jan. through May and Aug. through Dec.
  • Cobia – Year-round.
  • Dolphin (Mahi) – Year-round.
  • Flounder – Year-round.
  • Gag Grouper – Apr. through Jun.
  • Other Grouper Species – Year-round (excluding prohibited species)
  • Mackerel (King) – Year-round.
  • Redfish – Year-round.
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Where can I get bait in Sarasota?

Sheepshead, mangrove snapper, gag grouper, black sea bass, drum, and flounder will take a shrimp or other bait fished on the bottom. Bridges, docks, seawalls, and submerged reefs all provide good areas that attract bottom fish. A sliding sinker rig works well when bottom fishing.

What is the best month to fish in Florida?

Do not worry about the fishing times, there is fishing activity all year, but we highly recommend going there from April to September. You will find the best places to fish in Tampa, Tarpon Springs and Sarasota.

What is the easiest fish to catch?

Top 10 Easiest Fish to Catch

  • Catfish.
  • Crappie.
  • Perch.
  • Chub.
  • Bass.
  • Freshwater Drum or Sheepshead.
  • Trout.
  • Burbot.


Can I fish on Siesta Key beach?

The west coast of Florida is one of the best places to fish in the United States. The waters off of Siesta Key beaches host more than 1,000 species of fish. Grouper, snapper, snook, and speckled trout are just a few of the top 10 gamefish species you can catch year-round.

Does Sarasota have a pier?

In the heart of downtown Sarasota, the Saprito Pier juts off the northeastern base of the Ringling Bridge like an arm reaching out to test the waters of Sarasota Bay. While downtown sightseers often opt for the bridge’s high-up city views, fishermen stick to the pier.

Does Siesta Key have a fishing pier?

Where is it located? The address of the Old Siesta Key Fishing Pier is at 10 Beach Road End, Avenida Messina, just two miles from Peppertree Bay’s vacation rentals. It is also referred to as Siesta Key Beach Access #2.

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How is the fishing in Siesta Key?

4) Siesta Key beaches offer outstanding fishing when conditions are good. Clear water is important. Fishing is not as good when the water is churned up and muddy. Shrimp will produce whiting, trout, and flounder in the winter.

How do you fish a blind pass?

Blind Pass

Best live baits include pinfish, pilchards, threadfins, shrimp, and ladyfish. Best dead baits are chunked ladyfish, mullet, and threadfin herring. This time of year we experience strong tides so adjust your weight according to the tide. Generally 1/2oz-3oz egg sinker depending on the strength of the tide.

Where do you fish on Longboat Key?

Fishing Spots Near Longboat Key FL

  • Lake Poinsett Recreation Area. Arlington, SD.
  • Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival. Cortez, FL.
  • Oscar Scherer State Park. Osprey, FL.
  • Egmont Key State Park. Saint Petersburg, FL.
  • Lake Manatee State Park. Bradenton, FL.
  • Fort De Soto Park. …
  • Myakka River State Park. …
  • Skyway Fishing Pier State Park.

Can you use blue crab for bait?

These soft shell crabs are prime meals for many species of fish and are excellent bait when they can be found. Most often however, the best method for using blue crabs for bait is to separate the hard shell from the meaty body by pulling them apart then cutting the body in half or quarters.

What is the best bait for fishing in Florida?

The top live baits for saltwater fishing in Florida are shrimp, shiners, pin fish and grunts, mullet, crabs, and sand fleas. These baits are readily available at Florida bait shops and many can be caught by anglers. They will catch every species of game fish throughout the state.

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