How can I mail fishing rods?

How do you send a fishing rod in the mail?

How do you prepare your rod for shipping? Put your rod inside a PVC tube. Make sure you wrap your rod(s) in bubble wrap so it/they will be protected. Use enough bubble wrap and tape to the point that when it’s inside the tube, it won’t have space to move.

Can you ship fishing rods USPS?

Shipping fishing rods can be tricky, as they are long and fragile items that require careful packing. Generally, the Post Office won’t cater for particularly long items and some couriers will charge extra once your package reaches a certain length.

How much does it cost to send a fishing rod by post?

The cost of shipping a fishing rod will depend on the final weight and size of your parcel after you’ve properly protected it for shipping. Having said that, in our experience, an average sized fishing rod should cost you under £20 to ship within the UK.

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What is the cheapest way to ship a fishing rod?

Re: Cheapest way to ship a rod? Usps priority in a 2″ pvc tube is usualy the cheapest way to go,.

Does Fedex ship fishing rods?

I’ve always used them via my fedex account and shipping rods generally cost $20-30, but two recent rods hit my account for $65 and $70.

How much does it cost to ship a package USPS?

Compare Mail Services

Service Starting Price Ship Time
First-Class Mail® $0.55 (at Post Office & Online) $0.398 (Commercial)6 1-3 days
First-Class Package Service® $4.00 (at Post Office) $3.01 (Commercial6) 1-3 days
USPS Retail Ground® $7.70 (at Post Office) 2-8 days
Media Mail® $2.89 (at Post Office) $1.76 (Commercial)6 2-8 days

How do I ship a fly rod tube?

Wrap the rod with paper or bubble wrap. Extend the wrap a couple of inches beyond each end to protect the rod tip. If the fishing rod has a rod tube, place the wrapped rod into the tube. Finally, pack the rod tube into the shipping tube (again, don’t ship the rod in a naked rod tube).

How much are fishing rods?

Fishing rods can vary in price from around $20 to hundreds of dollars. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend that you stick to the lower end of the price range and look for combos. Combos will include the rod and reel for a better price than buying each part separately.

Who will deliver fishing rods?

Parcel Monkey work with the following couriers who can help you post a fishing rod in the UK: DX Next Day – Next day delivery for items up to 5m in length and 500kg in weight. Tuffnells – Next day delivery for items up to 5m in length and 60kg in weight.

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How much does it cost to courier a large parcel?

Skip post office queues

Send a large parcel (max 15kg) from just £2.79 , an XL parcel from £4.79 or an XXL parcel (max 25kg) from £8.79 . We’ll collect from your door and deliver the next working day.

Can you send a parcel from home?

Simply enter a few details about your letter or parcel, choose a delivery option and then print your postage. You can also get your postage printed for you by showing the provided code on your mobile device in a Royal Mail Delivery Office.

Can you ship something in PVC pipe?

Note: you can ship a PVC pipe mailer through USPS or FedEx with no problem. However with UPS it would not be considered a standard package and therefore it would cost more to ship. To use UPS for a tube mailer just put the tube inside a well packed box for extra crush-resistance.

Where can you buy UPS boxes?

The UPS Store is your one-stop shop for moving supplies and support – boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and more.

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