How do I get a Rhode Island fishing license?

How do you get a fishing license in Rhode Island?

A fishing license can be obtained on-line at, from authorized agents such as bait and tackle shops, retail department stores, as well as some city and town clerk offices.

Can I get a Rhode Island fishing license online?


The easiest and quickest way to get your Rhode Island fishing license is to buy it online using a credit card. … You can buy a 3-day non-resident Freshwater tourist license (3 consecutive days), a 7 day saltwater license, and a 14-day tourist shellfish license.

How much does a Rhode Island fishing license cost?

What is the cost of the RI license? The cost of a yearly RI license is $7 for Rhode Island residents, and $10 for non-residents. A temporary seven-day RI license is available, for both residents and non-residents, for $5. Those fees are set by state law, and are not subject to change.

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How much is a ri freshwater fishing license?

Rhode Island Freshwater Fishing License Fees

RI Resident (or current member of the U.S. armed forces) $18.00 City/Town Clerks and authorized licensed vendors
Combination (Hunting and Fishing) $33.00
Non-Resident $35.00
Non-Resident Tourist (three consecutive days) $16.00

Where can I fish for tautog in RI?

How to Catch Tautog

  • Jimmy Fee landed this keeper tautog fishing in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island aboard the REEL EZ.
  • The best spots to fish for tautog are jetties, rock piles, boulders, reefs, and wrecks.
  • A High-Low rig is one of the most common tautog rigs used by shore anglers.


How many trout can you keep in RI?

The daily creel and possession limits for trout (all species in aggregate) shall be five (5) fish.

Do I need a fishing license in Maine?

Who Needs a License? A valid Maine fishing license is required for anyone 16 years of age or older, to fish in inland waters or transport fish taken from inland waters.

Do I need a clamming license in RI?

If you live in Rhode Island, you’re lucky. Residents of the Ocean State residents can participate in the recreational shellfish harvest without a license. Non-residents who want to try clamming must purchase a​ ​Tourist Shellfishing License. Both residents and non-residents are subject to daily catch limits.

Where can I get a clamming license in RI?

In Rhode Island, shellfishing licenses are issued by the state Department of Environmental Management Division of Marine Fisheries (402-423-1923). People must apply by mail, using application forms on the DEM website.

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Can out-of-state people fish in RI?

Q: Can out-of-state anglers fish in RI

A: Non-residents may come to Rhode Island for recreation based on the location from which they are traveling. Restrictions are in place for people traveling to Rhode Island froms locations with a high community spread rate of COVID-19.

Is fishing allowed in Rhode Island?

‒ Rhode Island waters are not closed to fishing. Out-of-state vessels and fishers can fish Rhode Island waters but cannot land. ‒ Transient boating into Rhode Island marinas, docks and moorings is prohibited. … For frequently asked questions (FAQs) on freshwater fishing, visit the DEM’s website at

Where can I fish saltwater in RI?


  • Beavertail State Park Beavertail Rd. , Jamestown ; 401- 222-2632.
  • Brenton Point Parking available. …
  • Conanicut Island Pier. …
  • Fort Adams State Park Pier and parking. …
  • Goat Island Connector II Limited parking. …
  • Goat Island Connector Limited parking. …
  • Gull Grove Cove Limited parking. …
  • King Park Wellington Ave. ,

Do you need a fishing license on Block Island?

All anglers 18 and older must have their own recreational fishing licenses in Rhode Island. Licenses and stamps can be purchased online or in person from a license sales agent.

Is a CT fishing license good in RI?

Yes. Under reciprocity agreements with Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York, anglers holding a valid marine fishing license in any of these states may fish in the marine district and land marine fish in this state (CT).

Who needs a saltwater fishing license in Massachusetts?


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A freshwater fishing license is required for person 15 years of age and older. A saltwater fishing permit is required for persons 16 years of age or older.

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