How do you fish at Whitefish Mountain?

Is fishing good in Whitefish Montana?

Whitefish, Montana is home to some of the best fishing in the country. From fresh lakes to rushing rivers, Whitefish is a destination spot for travelers from around the world.

What kind of fish are in Whitefish Montana?

However, Whitefish Lake has populations of lake trout that rival that of nearby Flathead Lake, with fish often exceeding twenty pounds. The lake also has sizable numbers of large mountain whitefish. Other fish species include bull trout, cutthroat trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, yellow perch and northern pike.

Where can I fish in Whitefish Montana?

Fishing Spots Near Whitefish MT

  • Whitefish Lake State Park. Whitefish, MT.
  • Les Mason State Park. Whitefish, MT.
  • West Shore State Park. Lakeside, MT.
  • Wayfarers State Park. Bigfork, MT.
  • Yellow Bay State Park. Bigfork, MT.
  • Wild Horse Island State Park. Kalispell, MT.
  • Big Arm State Park. Big Arm, MT.
  • Finley Point State Park. Finley Pt, MT.

Can you fly fish in Whitefish Montana?

Montana is all about fly fishing. Some of the best fishing in the world surrounds Whitefish in the Flathead Valley and near Glacier National Park.

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Is Whitefish Lake private?

Created by a melted glacier, the lake sits at the base of Whitefish Mountain Resort and is just miles from Glacier National Park. The shoreline of Whitefish Lake is rapidly being developed by private landowners, but a large portion of the area is protected from dense development by the Whitefish Area Trust Land Plan.

Does Whitefish Montana have a lake?

Whitefish Lake is located northwest of the city of Whitefish, Montana at an elevation of 2,999 feet (914 m). … The lake has approximately 15.9 miles (25.6 km) of shoreline.

Are there fish in Whitefish Lake?

Whitefish Lake is a 800 acre lake located in Sawyer County. It has a maximum depth of 105 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing. Fish include Musky, Panfish, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Trout and Walleye.

What is the water temperature of Whitefish Lake?

Whitefish Lake’s current water temperature is 68°F.

How far is Whitefish MT from Glacier National Park?

Only 27 miles from Whitefish, the park’s scenery, wildlife and history are not to be missed. The Going to-the Sun Road, a national historic landmark, can be traveled by personal car, hiking shuttle or a historic Red Bus Tour.

Can you fly fish in the ocean?

Yes, you can fly fish any body of water that contains fish, provided you are legally allowed to do so. This includes everything from small streams and big rivers to ponds, lakes, and even the ocean. In fact, the wide array of fly fishing opportunities is often what gives the sport its appeal.

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How many miles is Whitefish Lake?

Whitefish Lake is 7 miles long, 2.5 miles wide, and 222 feet deep. Public use areas include the city beach, Whitefish Lake State Park, and Les Mason Park.

How old is Kalispell Montana?

Kalispell was officially incorporated as a city in 1892. Since that time, the city of Kalispell has continued to grow in population reaching 19,927 in 2010. As the largest city in Northwest Montana, Kalispell serves as the county seat and commercial center of Flathead County.

Can you fish in Flathead Lake?

Flathead Lake is very popular for pleasure boaters. … The lake itself offers excellent fishing, but not necessarily for fly fishing. The fish species in the lake consist primarily of lake trout, pike, yellow perch and whitefish, with some rainbow trout, bass, kokanee salmon and bull trout also found.

How deep is the Hungry Horse Reservoir?

Although the lake’s average depth is 147 feet, low water levels in late summer can leave boat ramps high and dry. There are no marinas or boaters’ conveniences at Hungry Horse Reservoir, so boating visitors need to come prepared with all of the supplies they think they will need.

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