How do you wrap a custom fishing rod?

How do you custom wrap a fishing rod?

5 Steps to Wrap Custom Thread In-Lays

  1. Step 1: Start Thread Wrap. First, start the thread wrap like you would any other. …
  2. Step 2: Add and Lock Second In-Lay Thread. …
  3. Step 3: Wrap Threads Side by Side. …
  4. Step 4: Add Matching Trim Band Wrap. …
  5. Step 5: Finish, Cure, and Fish.


What type of thread is used to wrap fishing rods?

ProWrap Metallic threads are typically used for trim bands, butt wraps, and under wraps, and come in 39 lustrous metallic colors! ProWrap Metallic thread features strong tensile strength and pressure dyed for color consistency.

What is a wrap in fishing?

Use these sticks to wrap your line around when replicating exact ranges across all of your fishing rods; including your marker and spod rods. … As most marker/spod rods are 12ft, which equates to 4 yards, so work out distances in ‘wraps’ using multiples of 4 yards; so 10 wraps is 40 yards, 25 wraps is 100 yards, etc.

How many coats epoxy fishing rod?

For the most part I always use 2 coats of lite build unless more is needed but there are those times when 3 coats of lite build epoxy my be needed on some rods in order to cover it all or to even cover the guide foot so that the flex of the rod does not crack through the epoxy on the foot of the guide.

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How long does Rod epoxy take to dry?

Most two-part epoxies, like the crystal-clear ProKöte Thread Finish, must cure for a full 24 hours before fishing, but having the excess epoxy nearby helps confirm when the finish is truly ready for the water without leaving fingerprints on the epoxied thread wraps.

Can a fishing rod be repaired?

Modern fishing rods don’t break easily, but they can be fixed easily with a few simple tools you may have at home. If your rod snapped, you can mend it together with a fiberglass pole and epoxy to hide the break. When one of the guides breaks, you can remove it and wrap a new one in its place.

Can I use regular thread for rod wrapping?

But, no question about it, if you get sewing thread with no silicone coatings, and has the right amount of stretch – primarily nylon thread and the right size – for the rods and guides you are wrapping, absolutely go ahead and use the thread.

Can you use fly tying thread for rod wrapping?

Don’t use waxed fly tying thread for rod guides – the wax WILL give you problems with the finish.

What is the best rod wrapping thread?

Nylon wrapping thread has a high tensile strength, and is primarily used for wrapping fishing rod guides to the rod blank. We carry nylon thread from all the top manufacturers including Pro Products (ProWrap), Pacific Bay, Madeira and Prism, and in all the sizes and color options you can think of.

How long is a rod wrap?

A rod length is 12ft or 4yds. In order to do 1 Wrap, You need 2 Sticks, 12 ft apart.

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What are the best distance sticks?

Distance Sticks There are 10 products.

  • Cygnet Distance Sticks. …
  • Cygnet Distance Sticks XL. …
  • Cygnet Rig Wrap. …
  • Avid Carp Overnighter Yard Sticks. …
  • Avid Carp Screwpoint Yard Sticks. …
  • Korda Distance Sticks. …
  • Nash Wrapid Sticks. …
  • Cygnet 24/7 Distance Sticks.

How many yards is 40 wraps?

Then when you go to recast you know exactly how many wraps to clip up to, in order to hit the same spot. You can even convert your wraps into yards, for example 40 yards is equal to 10 wraps and 25 wraps is then equal to 100 yards.

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