How is a fish adapted to live in water?

Fish have gills that allow them to “breathe” oxygen in water. … They are typically long and narrow, which reduces water resistance when they swim. Most fish have several fins for swimming. They use some of their fins to propel themselves through the water and others to steer the body as they swim.

How do fish adapt themselves to live in water?

Fish have adapted to their environment through the evolution of gills, swim bladders and fins. Gills allow fish to absorb oxygen from the water, swim bladders allow fish to maintain an appropriate level of buoyancy and fins allow the fish to move through the water.

How are fishes adapted in water write any three points?

Answer. They have gills to breathe. They have fins to swim. They are able to take oxygen from water.

What special features do fish live in water?

The features which help fishes to adapt to live in water:

  • Streamlined, spindle-shaped body which is covered with scales. …
  • Skeleton is made up of thin bones with the flexible backbone.
  • Flat fins and tails to help them swim, change direction and to keep the body balanced.
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What adaptation do fish have?

Fish are adapted to move efficiently and sense their surroundings under water. They’ve also evolved coloring to help them evade predators and gills to get the oxygen they need to survive.

What are two adaptations of a fish?

Adaptations for Water

  • Fish have gills that allow them to “breathe” oxygen in water. …
  • Fish have a stream-lined body. …
  • Most fish have several fins for swimming. …
  • Fish have a system of muscles for movement. …
  • Most fish have a swim bladder.

How is a fish adapted to live in water class 6?

The streamlined body shape helps the fish to move through the water easily (because such a shape offers least resistance to motion). (2) The fish has special organs called “gills” which-help it to absorb oxygen-dissolved in water for breathing. A fish can live in water only because it is adapted to breathe in water.

Why do fish have this shape 5 points?

It has a wide body that narrows to be very thin by the caudal (tail) fin. This aerodynamic shape and fast side-to side movement of the fin is why the tuna is able to swim so fast. This helps it escape from predators.

Why do fish have this shape in points?

A fish is shaped for where it lives and how it feeds. A fish with a torpedo shape can swim quickly through the water. … A fish’s mouth shape is adapted to the food it eats. A fish with a mouth that slants upward might attack prey from underneath.

Can fish drowned?

Fish are physically incapable of drowning because they have gills, not lungs. They can die if there’s not enough dissolved oxygen in the water which would make them suffocate, technically.

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Which adoption can help fish to survive in water?

Fishes are adapted to their environment through the evolution of a few special organs e.g. gills, swim bladders and fins. Gills help in absorbing the oxygen present in the water and swim bladders allow to maintains the proper buoyancy level and fins help to move the fish in the water.

What is special about a fish?

As members of the phylum Chordata, fish share certain features with other vertebrates. These features are gill slits at some point in the life cycle, a notochord, or skeletal supporting rod, a dorsal hollow nerve cord, and a tail.

What is the body structure for fish adaptation?

Body shape is also an important adaptation in fish. Fast moving fish have long torpedo shaped bodies to help them move though the water. Other fish that stay at the bottom of a stream or river have longer flat bodies. Most fish have fins; the location and shape of these fins vary from species to species.

Why are fishes so successful?

Fish are a very vast species and come in many different varieties. … Some fish like puffers swell to two or three times their size when scared which helps to ward of predators. Other things that make fish successful are their ability to find a special niche so that they can get enough food for survival.

How do fish hide from sharks?

Some fish, such as the flat fishes (Pleuronectiformes), can change their skin coloration to match the surrounding habitat. Fish can also have disruptive markings to hide body parts. … Many sharks exhibit coloration known as counter shading.

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