Is AFK fishing a glitch?

Yes it’s kind of an exploit, but as long as you’re doing it on servers that allow it (or singleplayer) then go ahead. I have done AFK fishing on my world to get my first couple mending books before I found a librarian that would trade for them, however I have not relied on them to progress through the game.

Is AFK fishing an exploit?

AFK fishing is a feature exploit, just like iron farms or mob grinders, because you are abusing game mechanics that are supposed to work this way, just not specifically the way you use them. It’s an exploit, but that doesn’t mean it should be removed or that players should be prevented from doing it.

Does AFK fishing still work?

if you want a ton of fish and experience levels, an AFK fish farm can still do that for you. as others have mentioned they changed the mechanics so you have to be fishing out of a larger body of water in order to get the good loot.

Is AFK fishing worth it Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can do pretty much anything, including fish. Oftentimes, fishing is overlooked though; it takes too long and the rare items are hard to come by. Fortunately, you can make your own AFK fishing farm. Making an AFK fishing farm is incredibly easy, and the rewards are definitely worth it.

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Are AFK fish farms cheating?

It’s cheating only if you consider redstone devices cheating. Building a redstone machine to help you overcome the boring parts of minecraft is not an exploit any more than any other redstone farm. If you use a duplication glitch, that’s cheating.

Are AFK farms cheating?

As long as your player isn’t doing anything while you are afk the farms are fine.

What is the best AFK farm?

Top 10 Best AFK Automatic Farms In Minecraft

  • Melon and Pumpkin Farm (By Mumbo Jumbo)
  • Sugar cane AFK Farm (By DiamondsRaider)
  • Automatic Slimeball Farm (By Xenoshot)
  • Automatic Wood Farm (By Mumbo Jumbo)
  • AFK Fishing Farm (By PuffingFish HQ)
  • Animal Farm (By Mumbo Jumbo)
  • Food Farms Villagers (By Avomance)

How long is AFK fishing?

Auto fishing has a three-minute timer after you get the bite; you have to wait for three minutes for your character to collect the fish you caught.

What does AFK mean?

AFK is an acronym that means “away from keyboard.” But it’s primarily meant to convey that you won’t be available at your computer or device for a period of time. You can pair it with a time frame to communicate how long you will be away from your keyboard.

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