Is there good fishing in Boise Idaho?

The Boise River offers miles of fishing in one of the finest urban trout rivers in the country. Wild trout and stocked hatchery rainbow and brown trout are abundant.

Where can I fish in Boise?

If you don’t want to travel far to fish, try 5 hotspots near Boise

  • SWAN FALLS DAM. Distance from Boise: Less than an hour. …
  • ARROWROCK RESERVOIR. Distance from Boise: 30 minutes. …
  • SOUTH FORK BOISE RIVER. Distance from Boise: About an hour. …
  • C.J.


Does Idaho have good fishing?

Idaho is world-famous for its quality fishing, which includes not only a wide variety of species, but different types of waters. Those include Idaho’s “Great Lakes,” which are not only large in size, but also provide excellent and/or unique fishing opportunities for trophy-sized fish.

Are there catfish in the Boise River?

Catfish are highly migratory, so the advisory is for the lower Boise River from the confluence with the Snake River upstream to the Caldwell area. Catfish typically live in habitat with warmer waters and muddy river bottoms, which the lower Boise River supports.

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Are there salmon in the Boise River?

Most of the salmon trucked to the Boise River had spent one year in the ocean and returned to the Rapid River trap on the Salmon River to spawn. … Opening Date: The Boise River, from its mouth upstream to Barber Dam, opens to fishing for Chinook salmon on July 5, 2018.

How many fish can I keep in Idaho?

The bodies of water of Idaho are famous for the abundant population of fish species such as brown trout, rainbow trout, Chinook salmon, steelhead, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and pike or walleye.

Daily Bag Limits for the Upper Snake Region:

Bass The daily limit is 6
Kokanee The daily limit is 15

Does the Boise River have fish?

The Boise River offers miles of fishing in one of the finest urban trout rivers in the country. Wild trout and stocked hatchery rainbow and brown trout are abundant.

Can you night fish in Idaho?

Generally, there are no hour limits to fishing and you can fish all night long.

Where is the best salmon fishing in Idaho?

– Clearwater River is found in the middle to northern part of Idaho near Lewiston and Grangeville. This beautiful river is home to many types of salmon, particularly Steelhead but other varities can be found there as well. The Clearwater River is known to be one of the best fishing spots in Idaho.

Where is the best trout fishing in Idaho?

  • South Fork Snake River. Photo Credit: South Fork Lodge. …
  • Henrys Fork of the Snake River. Photo Credit: Yellow Dog Fly Fishers. …
  • North Fork Coeur d’Alene River. Photo Credit: Silver Bow Outfitters. …
  • Hagerman Trout Ponds. Photo Credit: Idaho Fish and Game. …
  • Boise River – Urban Section. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism.
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Can you fish with corn in Idaho?

Answer: Yes, except in no-bait fishing waters (only flies or lures can be used in no-bait waters).

What flies to use on Boise River?

  • Mayflies ▼ BWO or Baetis. Callibaetis. Green Drake. Hendrickson. Hex, Hexagenia and Big Drakes. March Brown. Mayfly Dries. Mayfly Emergers/Cripples. Mayfly Nymphs. PMD. Sulphur. Tricos.
  • Attractors.
  • Baitfish/Sculpin.
  • Caddis Flies.
  • Crawdad, Crawfish, Crayfish.
  • Dragons/Damsels/Crane Flies etc.
  • Leeches/Worms.
  • Midges.

Does the Boise River flood?

The Boise River is dam controlled, but can flood. Every few years the Boise River experiences flows that are higher than normal. They can cause minor flooding in low elevation areas near the river.

Does Idaho have steelhead?

Steelhead are large, ocean-going rainbow trout native to Idaho and the northwest region. … As steelhead continue to migrate upstream anglers will find them in the South Fork Clearwater, Little Salmon and upper Salmon rivers.

How high is the Boise River?

Boise River
• elevation 2,100 ft (640 m)
Length 102 mi (164 km)
Basin size 4,100 sq mi (11,000 km2)

Can you fish at Lucky Peak?

Lucky Peak State Park is the perfect place for swimming, picnicking, fishing, boating or biking.

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