Question: How do you get better fishing trails in cold steel?

How do you get a better fishing rod in trails of cold steel?

you get a new Fishing Rod whenever you catch 6 (better rod) and 12 (best rod) different species, which you would “rank up” when you talk to kenneth. And then you just exchange it with like 5 fishing points. So just finished this game.

How do you fish in trails of cold steel?

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Additionally, groundbait is needed to be able to fish, which can be bought or obtained as a monster drop, chest item or found by breaking objects in the environment. Upon fishing, the fish will appear and try to escape, necessitating the pressing of a certain key or button.

How do you catch fish in cold steel 3?

Simple and effective way? Do the Potato Salad money scheme. Have Juna cook it, sell for profit and amass ~30K mira. Buy every rod upgrade from Freddy and it’ll bring the rod level to 7 making all of the fish so far easy to catch.

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Can you change difficulty in trails of cold steel?

No, you can’t.

How do you customize fishing rods in cold steel 3?

User Info: BakaYanagi. Hold the circle button. When the fish got angry and put away, tap the circle button repeatedly instead of holding. Upgrade your rod will make it easier.

Where is Kenneth trails of cold steel?

He’s usually at one of the two fishing spots (the river in Trista or the pond by the gymnasium on campus) and the Fishing Club room on the 2nd floor of the Student Union building (east of the main building).

Is there romance in trails of cold steel 3?

Cold Steel 3’s romance options are limited to just Alisa, Laura, and Emma, and there’s an option during their Final Bond Events to choose a romantic response or to keep everything friendly.

Where is bee larvae in trails of cold steel 3?

How to Get Bee Larvae (Wild Recipe Quest) in Trails of Cold Steel 3

  • Accept the quest from Freddy at the Thors Branch outpost in Chapter 1.
  • Play through the main story until you gain access to the Parm Byroad.
  • Battle Bee enemies until you have the required amount.


Where Can I Find red perch trails of cold steel 3?

How to Get Red Perch in Trails of Cold Steel 3

  • Accept the Red Pearch Search quest in the Noble District of Saint-Arkh.
  • Head to the fishing spot at Sutherland Highway 2, or the entrance of Isthmia Great Forest.
  • Switch to Juna and make sure to land your marker in the green or yellow part of the bar when your line catches.
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Is trails of cold steel difficult?

That isn’t to say that The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is too difficult of a game on its own (unless you’re on a higher difficulty) but it speaks more to the fact that this game is a perfect game for an RPG enthusiast.

Can you change difficulty in trails of cold steel 3?

No, only affect battle difficulty. Playing Nightmare from the start can be difficult, especially when almost all bosses/minibosses will get their turn first due to those stats bonus. Guessing there’s some dlc or a decent early grinding spot that will help.

Can I change difficulty in trails in the sky?

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Since the game doesn’t allow switching of difficulty after starting the game and I had no intention of restarting the game in low tediousness mode, I took a look at the savegames.

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