Quick Answer: How do you get the fishing tourney trophy?

You’ll receive whichever ever trophy you’ve earned in the mail the day after the Fishing Tourney. Sadly, if you didn’t earn enough points for a trophy, you’ll receive nothing.

How do you get the fishing tourney trophy in ACNH?

Fishing Tourney Event Rules Summary

You can use Fish Bait to catch more fish faster and improve your score. Enter challenges for free once, and for 500 Bells each time after. Free when playing multiplayer. Exchange 10 points each for exclusive Fishing Tourney items, and get trophies for total points earned.

How many fishing tourney prizes are there?

All 13 rewards and all 3 trophies for the New Horizons Fishing Tourney. In New Horizons, the Fishing Tourney is hosted by C.J. and held on the second Saturday of January, April, July, and October in both hemispheres. While C.J. is present on the island, he will also buy any other fish that the player wants to sell.

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How do you get a fishing tournament in Animal Crossing?

Fishing Tourneys in ACNH are introduced after the player has upgraded and decorated the island, and you may see a notice on your bulletin board at the start of the week announcing the fishing tournament on the coming Saturday. They only take place once per season on the second Saturday of the month.

How do you get a gold fish trophy in Animal Crossing?

The Gold Fish Trophy is a miscellaneous furniture item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As a miscellaneous item, it can be placed on either the ground or on top of a tabletop. The Gold Fish Trophy can be obtained from C.J. the day after a Fishing Tourney if the player obtained a total of 300 points.

Will CJ buy sea creatures?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can now go diving for new sea creatures. … Like fish and bugs, certain sea critters only appear during certain seasons and times of the day. Sea creatures are a separate type of critter from fish, meaning that C.J. will not buy them from you nor will he turn them into models.

Does CJ leave after the fishing tourney?

When C.J. visits the Deserted Island outside of a Fishing Tourney, he will remain the full day, from 5 a.m to 5 a.m the next day.

Do fishing tourney prizes change?

Fishing Tourney prizes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained. Competing in the Fishing Tourney will earn you a variety of rewards in New Horizons. You can swap every ten points you earn in the tourneys for reward.

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Does CJ buy fish for more?

Should I Sell Fish to CJ? Yes, assuming you have no other use for them or were going to sell them anyway. CJ buys fish at a 50% increased price over the Nooks, so that a big coelacanth worth 15,000 bells will sell for 22,500 if you give it to CJ.

Do fishing tourney points carry over?

Your unspent points carry over and your overall score carries over as well. So if you scored 180 points on your first tourney, you’ll get the silver trophy as soon as you earn 20 on your second one.

What can you win in the fishing tourney?

All the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Tourney rewards you can unlock

  • Anchor statue.
  • Bronze Fish Trophy (100 points total)
  • Fish Doorplate.
  • Fish-drying Rack.
  • Fish Pochette.
  • Fish Print.
  • Fish Print Tee.
  • Fish Rug.


Do villagers craft during fishing tourney?

They also don’t craft during the bug off or fishing tourney :) No crafting last week and none today so far.

What does CJ give you Animal Crossing?

Much like his partner, Flick, C.J. will buy all the fish you bring him for 150% what Timmy and Tommy will pay at Nook’s Cranny. He also hosts Seasports Challenges and Fishing Tourneys, and takes commissions for fish statues made by Flick.

How much will CJ buy fish for?

On top of running the local fishing tourneys, CJ will also offer small challenges and even purchase fish from you for higher price than Timmy and Tommy.

All CJ fish prices.

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Fish Name Nook’s Cranny Price CJ Price
Football Fish 2,500 3,750
Oarfish 9,000 13,500
Barreleye 15,000 22,500
Coelacanth 15,000 22,500

What does fish bait do Animal Crossing?

To use Fish Bait in Animal Crossing, stand at water and select the item from your inventory, where you’ll be given the option to ‘Scatter Food’. Doing so will cause a fish to instantly appear, allowing you to fish there.

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