What are SPOD and marker rods?

Spod rods are an absolute essential piece of angling equipment for really taking your baiting to the next level. The concept of using a spod rod is to cast heavily baited spods or spomb rockets across a lake to accurately bait your selected fishing area.

What is a SPOD Rod?

Spod rods enable you to heavily bait an area of your swim quickly and accurately, using spod (or spomb) rockets. … These rods are built to be cast regularly throughout the day, so are lightweight and robust.

Can you use a SPOD rod as a marker rod?

So NO a spod rod is not too heavy for marker work. I use a Greys 4lb TC Spod Rod with a 5oz lead for long distance marking. You still get plenty of feel.

Can you use any rod to SPOD?

A designated spod or spod/marker rod is needed. … You can, however, use a carp rod with smaller spods and spombs as they weigh less and are perfect for baiting up at shorter ranges with standard carp rods. Always use a shockleader when casting a spod or spomb, again to help reduce the chance of a crack off.

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What is the best SPOD rod on the market?

The Sonik Vadar X Carp Fishing Marker/Spod Rod is lightweight, slim and can cast a very long distance, ideal for a spod and marker fishing rod. The Sonik Vadar X fishing rods have also been a recommendation for best carp fishing rod in our other article.

How long should a SPOD rod be?

The ‘Drop’ refers to the length of the line from your Spod or Spomb to the tip of your rod. You should make sure that prior to casting the drop is the same length to where the spigot is on your rod, which is usually around 6ft in length.

What is a marker rod used for?

Marker rods are used for scoping out the water you’re about to fish, and are most often used by anglers who are going to spend two or three (or more) days on an unfamiliar water.

What does SPOD mean?

a person seen as being boring, unattractive, or excessively studious.

How do you cast the same distance every time?

Lay your marker rod on the ground and, if you have the space, running the line out until it reaches the clip and stops. Place the rod with your hook bait on directly beside it with the butts sitting at the same position and run your hook bait out until it reaches the same point as your marker float.

Can you use a SPOD rod for beach fishing?

The spod, or any other carp rod has a particular place in SEA fishing. Using a fixed spool and light (thin) line possibly braid, then you can fish clean venues (surf beaches even) using relatively light weights or big baits.

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How often should you SPOD?

After about five minutes there is no cloud left and once that goes, so does the excitement. As a rule of thumb, put two or three in every five minutes, but once again be accurate, especially when spodding over Zigs as you do not want a mid water shoal moving off you.

Can you SPOD with 3.5lb test curve?

A straight through parabolic 3.5lb test won’t be much use as a spod rod. you need a fairly stiff butt section.

Can I fish with a marker rod?

you can, but trying to fish with the marker rod if you are using it as a marker as well can be a right pain.

How do you SPOD accurately?

Accuracy is everything

For every 3ft of water you’re fishing to, expect your bait to settle on the bottom a foot from its entry point into the water. For example, if you are fishing to 6ft of water, you should clip your spod rod 2ft shorter than the rod you are fishing with.

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