What areas are open for salmon fishing in Washington State?

Is salmon fishing open in Washington state?

All four of Washington’s marine areas are scheduled to open June 19 for a Chinook-only fishery, then transition to a Chinook and coho fishery beginning June 27 in Westport and Ilwaco, and beginning July 4 in Neah Bay and La Push. Daily limits and days of the week open to salmon fishing vary between areas.

Where are the salmon running in Washington state?

There are several good salmon viewing spots along the Duwamish River: Codiga Park, 50th Place South, Tukwila, WA 98178. See Chinook, pink, Coho, chum, and steelhead salmon migrate up the river.

When can you catch salmon in Washington?

August 1st to September 15th and usually show up in ridiculously high numbers. A lot of nice fish are caught on cold winter days. November, December and January are usually the best months for these hungry juveniles.

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Is pink salmon fishing open in Washington?

The area remains open from Aug. 16 to Sept. 30 for a fishery directed at hatchery coho and pinks. In central Puget Sound (10), the highly popular early resident coho season opens June 16 to July 15 (last year it opened on June 1, and later start time in 2021 is to save on Skagit River wild coho impacts).

What is the best time to catch salmon?

Peak season for salmon fishing occurs from May through September, with the five major species spread across the season. King Salmon fishing begins in May, and you can continue fishing for Silver Salmon all the way through November. The entire summer offers at least one type of salmon fishing.

Can you fish at night in Washington?

Yes it is legal to fish at night.

Where is the best salmon fishing in Washington State?

Hit the Carbon, Samish or Skokomish rivers for chinook, and the Carbon, Puyallup, Quilcene, Skagit, Snohomish, or Green rivers for coho. In odd numbered years, pink salmon can be caught in the Snohomish, Skykomish and Stillaguamish rivers, but the big dog for pink salmon is the Skagit River.

How many salmon can you keep in Washington?

From Aug. 1, 2020-Jan. 31, 2021, anglers can keep two adult salmon, but must release unmarked Chinook.

What is the fishing season in Washington State?

The statewide trout fishing season heats up beginning April 24, when hundreds of lakes throughout Washington open for business and the annual statewide trout derby kicks off for 2021.

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What do I need to fish for salmon in Washington?

Typical drift fishing gear includes an 8 1/2- or 9-foot rod rated for 15-30 pound line, and either a bait casting reel or a spinning reel. For larger fish, like Chinook salmon, use 20-25 pound line. For smaller fish, like pink salmon, use 10-15 pound line.

What is considered a jack salmon in Washington state?

For freshwater and in Willapa Bay (area 2-1) and Grays Harbor (area 2-2), a jack salmon is a Chinook less than 24″ in length or a coho less than 20″ in length.

What month is salmon season?

Though the California commercial salmon season usually runs from May to October, fishing is allowed in certain areas at certain times to protect the population of coastal king salmon, a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act, as it makes its way back to the Sacramento River to spawn.

Is fishing season open in Washington state?

“Many lakes throughout Washington are open for trout year-round, but opening day is a major event that brings people out to fish from all over the state,” said Steve Caromile, Inland Fish Program manager with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

Is the Columbia River open for fishing in Washington?

Catch-and-release fishing for sturgeon is also open year-round on many stretches of the Columbia River, including the lower Columbia River on days closed to retention. Be sure to check permanent rules in the Sport Fishing Regulations pamphlet at https://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations.

How long does a salmon live?

Most salmon species live 2 to 7 years (4 to 5 average).

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