What fish are off the coast of Maine?

alewife (PDF) halibut (PDF) shad (PDF)
bluefin tuna (PDF) mackerel (PDF) striped bass (PDF)
bluefish (PDF) mako shark (PDF) sturgeon (PDF)
brook trout (PDF) menhaden (PDF) tautog (PDF)
brown trout (PDF) ocean pout (PDF) thresher shark (PDF)

What kind of fish are in Maine?

Trout/Salmon Eastern Brook Trout ……….. Lake Trout ……… Landlocked Atlantic Salmon ………. Landlocked Arctic Charr Brown Trout ……

What saltwater fish are in season in Maine?

2019 Regulations

Species Season Daily Bag Limit
Georges Bank Atlantic Cod Aug 1 – Sept 30 10
Black Sea Bass May 19–Sep 21; Oct 18–Dec 31 10
Bluefish No closed season 3
Haddock June 1-September 16; November 1-February 28; April 15-30 12

What fish can you keep from the ocean?

When fishing in our regional federal waters, you can catch and keep a variety of fish species, such as cod, haddock, flounders, bluefish, black sea bass, tuna, scup, and tautog. Striped bass are prohibited in federal waters.

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What can you catch deep sea fishing in Maine?

Deep sea fishing trips in Maine also include bottom fishing. You’ll be able to target Haddock, Cod, Pollock, Cusk, Halibut, Monkfish, and Hake. These fish are great table fare, but keep an eye on regulations for size and limits of fish, as some, like Cod, must be released.

Learn about your favorite fish species

  • Brook Trout.
  • Brown Trout.
  • Lake Trout (Togue)
  • Landlocked Salmon.
  • Splake.
  • Rainbow Trout.
  • Arctic Charr.
  • Cusk.

What is the biggest fish in Maine?

Maine Freshwater Record Fish

Largemouth Bass 11 lbs 10 oz Moose Pond
Muskellunge 33 lbs St. John River
Northern Pike 31.2 lbs North Pond
Pickerel 7 lbs 2 oz Balch Lake

Are circle hooks required in Maine?

Printable Summaries of Recreational Fishing Regulations

Note: The use of circle hooks is required in Maine when using bait to fish for striped bass.

Are there blackfish in Maine?

Common names: tautog, blackfish, tog

They are stout in shape and have a blunt snout, long dorsal fin and a broad caudal peduncle. … Remarks: Tautog are occasionally caught along Maine’s southwest coast. Common in the mid Atlantic states, they are a popular inshore sportfish.

What sharks can you keep in Maine?

Maine Seafood Guide – Shark

  • Shortfin mako Isurus oxyrinchus.
  • Porbeagle Lamna nasus.
  • Thresher Alopias vulpinus.
  • Smooth dogfish Mustelus canis canis. Spiny dogfish.
  • Blue shark Prionace glauca.
  • Bonnethead Sphyrna tiburo.
  • Smooth hammerhead Sphyrna zygaena.

Note: Filleting at sea is allowed. Fillets must have some skin left on, and be consistent in size as that taken from legal size fish. Recreational vessels remain subject to the Whaleback Cod Spawning Protection Area.

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Is it illegal to fish in the ocean?

Although unregulated fishing is not in fact illegal under the law of nations applicable to the high seas, it is nonetheless problematical. It results in additional fish being caught over and above the maximum catches agreed by RFMO member states for their respective regions.

What are 5 tips for releasing fish back into the water when you catch and release?

While these guidelines are written from the perspective of the trout and salmon fisherman, virtually all of these guidelines apply to other species as well.

  • Use Crimped or Barbless Hooks. …
  • You’re No Surgeon. …
  • Horse It In. …
  • Use a Rubber Net. …
  • Get Wet. …
  • Take Care of the Head and Eyes. …
  • Avoid the Shore. …
  • 5 Second Rule.

Do I need a fishing license in Maine?

Who Needs a License? A valid Maine fishing license is required for anyone 16 years of age or older, to fish in inland waters or transport fish taken from inland waters.

Where can you striper fish in Maine?

Much of the saltwater sport fishing in Maine occurs in Casco Bay, Muscongus Bay, Penobscot River and Bay, Blue Hill Bay, Union River Bay, Frenchmans Bay, Goldsboro Bay, Dyer’s Bay, Englishmans Bay, Machias Bay, Pleasant Bay, and Cobscook Bay.

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