What is the best slow pitch rod?

Some brands of specially designed rods used by slow-jig experts: the Levitate and Gravitate series by Temple Reef; the Trevala S, Ocea, SpeedMaster and JigWrex by Shimano; and the Valiant series by Accurate. Okuma has also introduced a slow-pitch rod.

What is the best slow jigging rod?

Best Jigging Rods

  1. Shimano Trevela S. The Shimano Trevela S is the most popular vertical jigging rod on the market right now. …
  2. Tsunami Trophy Slow Pitch. …
  3. Jigging World Nexus Rods. …
  4. Okuma Cedros E-Glass Jigging. …
  5. Penn Rampage Boat Jigging.

How do I choose a slow pitch jigging rod?

For deeper jigging, Chua’s speed-jig rods range from just over 5 feet to 5 feet, 7 inches. He says in shallower water, where water resistance is much less, he likes a rod from 5 feet, 7 inches to 6 feet, 3 inches. Most slow-pitch rods run 6 to 6½ feet. For speed jigging, Wong prefers short rods—5 feet or a bit more.

What is a slow pitch rod?

WHAT IS SLOW PITCH? “A technique that imparts an action on a metal jig imitating a wounded or struggling baitfish to provoke reaction strikes from predatory gamefish” — that’s Ortiz’s concise definition.

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What is Slow Pitch fishing?

Slow pitch jigging is a technique with seemingly limitless potential. Also known as slow jigging, it’s a technique that no fish seems able to resist – Grouper, Amberjack, Tilefish, and even Tuna fall victim to this high-tech way of fishing. … Once you do, you’ll be hooking into more fish than you ever thought possible.

Can jigging rod use for bottom fishing?

Jigging rods work for all types of fishing trolling, bottom, casting, and of course jigging.

What makes a good slow pitch rod?

Rods for slow-pitch fishing are designed to move jigs through the water in a certain way. … These rods tend to be high-carbon material with lots of recoil, which is key to imparting action in the jig.

How long should a slow pitch jigging leader be?

Leader. It’s common to have 5 to 8 meters of leader of Fluorocarbon. The leader is knotted to a solid ring, which is connected to a split ring which holds the jig and another solid ring with assist hooks.

Can you slow pitch jig with a spinning reel?

Both conventional and spinning reels can be used for most slow-pitch applications. … Conventional reels do not need to be super-high speed for this type of jigging, and most anglers do not need 2-speed capability.

Can you slow pitch jig in shallow water?

The method in shallow water say up to 20 metres is to cast away from the boat, let the jig sink, then twitch and jerk it back in. Definitely worth a go, even small fish give a good account of themselves, and you’ll be surprised what you can land on the tackle, as well as how many species will go for it. Enjoy!

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What makes a good jigging rod?

A good jigging rod is lightweight, balanced, and comfortable enough to pull up and down for hours at a time. This is why most jigging rods are short, thin and incredibly lightweight. … The best jigging rods are super light but packed with a lot of power. Composite blanks make them both lightweight and strong.

How much drag is enough?

“One-quarter or one-third of the line’s breaking strength should be your drag setting at strike,” says Ben Secrest, previously Accurate Reels’ vice president of marketing. “If you are fishing 200-pound braid, that equates to 50 to 65 pounds of drag.

What is the best jigging reel?

Best Conventional Reel for Jigging – A well-mannered lead for You to Choose the Best Jigging Reel

Reel Good for
GOMEXUS LX50 Jigging Reel Saltwater jigging Check Price
Penn fathom conventional reel All kinds of trolling Check Price
SHIMANO Talica II Saltwater & Lake Check Price
Maxell hybrid jigging reel Saltwater Check Price
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