What kind of fish are in Calgary?

Can you fish in Calgary?

There is a reason why so many folks love to fish in Calgary – the region has it all, whether you’re an experienced angler or a first-timer. Think picturesque rivers and lakes abundant with trout, pike and walleye; or standing knee-deep in the cool water of the Bow River as you cast for trophy trout.

What is the largest game fish in Alberta?

Size. The largest freshwater fish in the Northern Hemisphere belong to the sturgeon family. The biggest sturgeon reported in Alberta weighed 48 kilograms (105 pounds) and was 155 centimetres (61 inches) in length.

Can you fish the Bow River in Calgary?

The lower stretch of the Bow River – the section below the city of Calgary – consists of 55 kilometres of nutrient-rich water that’s renowned for its abundant numbers of trophy-sized rainbows and browns. The Bow River can be fished year-round but is at it’s “most comfortable” from Mid-May through mid-to-late October.

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Where can I fish near Calgary?

Fishing Around Calgary and Alberta

  • Fishing Around Calgary and Alberta.
  • Glenmore Reservoir.
  • The Bow River.
  • Spray Lakes Reservoir.
  • Grotto Pond.
  • Pine Coulee Reservoir.
  • McGregor Lake.
  • Lake Winchell.


Where is the best fishing in Calgary?

Gone fishin’! Great fishing spots near Calgary.

  • Pine Coulee Reservoir. Drive an hour and a half south of Calgary and you’ll arrive at the Pine Coulee Reservoir, which is located alongside a campground and picnic area. …
  • Bow River. …
  • Dickson Trout Pond. …
  • Chain Lakes Reservoir. …
  • Auburn Bay Lake.


No fishing after sunset ,May31st to Nov 30th ,Newell ,Mcgreger , the same , so your good ta fish all night and drink rum. Even have the glow bobbers and all the other stuff , lantern , big spot lights . Its a fun fun time . Never been heckled by the Conservation officers , once by the RCMP….

Are barbed hooks allowed in Alberta 2020?

It has never been reinstated, and so barbed hooks are legal. The Government of Alberta is asking Alberta’s anglers to keep barbed hooks out of our waters.

Can you keep fish in Alberta?

You are required to have a fishing license and W.I.N. (Wildlife Identification Number) to fish in Alberta. Regardless of whether you are not keeping fish or on private land, you still need a license and W.I.N. Both of which can be purchased online or at supporting retails outlets.

Can you eat fish from the Bow River?

careful what you eat from the Bow below Bassano Dam….. There is a consumption advisory on the walleye and pike for that stretch. Don’t want to hear about you getting sick!

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How deep is the Bow River in Calgary?

This point in the Bow River, which snakes through the Calgary’s city centre, averaged 1.3 metres in depth since January 2011, never reaching higher than 2.3 metres — until Thursday.

What fish can you keep in the Bow River?

This river holds most of the provinces sport fish which includes Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Bull Trout in the upper reaches, as well as Cutties and lots of Rocky Mountain Whitefish.

Where can you keep fish Alberta?

Angling Alberta: 12 Must-Fish Lakes Across the Province

  • Calling Lake. Calling Lake is a popular recreation lake located 55 km north of Athabasca. …
  • Cold Lake. …
  • Kananaskis Lakes. …
  • Lake Minnewanka. …
  • Lake Newell. …
  • Peerless Lake. …
  • Pigeon Lake.


Where can I fish near me without a boat?

How to Find Fishing Spots Near Me: No Boat, No Problem

  • Check with your state fish and wildlife agency. …
  • Visit nearby state and county parks. …
  • Keep an eye open for public waterways on your everyday routes. …
  • Ask at your local tackle shop or join a fishing club. …
  • Listen to local fishing reports.


What fish can you keep in Alberta?

Catch Limits

  • Trout – 5 in total, combined of: …
  • Arctic Grayling – 0.
  • Mountain Whitefish – 5 in total.
  • Walleye and Sauger – 3 in combined total.
  • Northern Pike – 3 in total.
  • Yellow Perch – 15 in total.
  • Lake Whitefish and Cisco (Tullibee) – 10 in combined total.
  • Goldeye and Mooneye – 10 in combined total.
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