What length fish should I get?

So if you’re looking to get a fish surfboard the best rule of thumb is 2-6 inches shorter than your shortboard. Now if you’re getting a fish as your first “shorter” board than go a little meatier. This is accomplished in either a thicker surfboard or longer board.

Can a beginner surf a fish?

For the beginner surfer transitioning from a foamie to a hard board, the fish is an excellent option. The fish provide beginner surfer attributes such as great for all ages, ease of use and stability in the water, and versatile for small to medium sized waves.

How wide should a fish surfboard be?


Fish Surfboards
Surfer’s Weight Beginner Intermediate
< 65 kg 6’6″ – 6’8″ 5’8″ – 6’2″
65 – 75 kg 6’8″ – 7’0″ 6’0″ – 6’4″
75 – 85 kg 7’0″ – 7’10” 6’2″ – 6’6″

Is a 7 foot surfboard good for beginners?

Is a 7ft surfboard good for beginners? Generally speaking, an 8 to 9-foot surfboard is good for beginners. However, there are a couple of scenarios where a 7ft surfboard could be a good fit for you.

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What surfboard length should I get?

Surfing Less Than 1 Day Per Week

Surfer Weight (lbs.) Surfer Weight (kg) Surfboard Length
100-140 45.4-63.5 6′2″-6′4″
140-160 63.5-72.6 6′4″-6′8″
160-180 72.6-81.6 6′6″-6′10″
180-200 81.6-90.7 6′10″-7′4″

Is it hard to ride a fish surfboard?

Riding Technique Is Not Much Different

Because of the thickness, a fish surfboard also floats high in the water which makes it much easier to paddle than a shortboard. … But on the flip side, if you’ve ridden a shortboard you’ll notice it’s much easier to catch waves on a fish.

Is a 6’6 surfboard good for a beginner?

Choosing a beginner surfboard for kids largely comes down to their age. … For kids under 12, something around the 7ft mark is ideal. If they’re on the taller side, something around 6’6” or 6’2” in a fish surfboard. These are perfect for aiding progression in the early stages of learning.

What is the best fish surfboard?

#1 Pick – Gold Coast Surfboards – 5’8 Hybrid Soft Top Fish

In our humble opinion, the best fish surfboard for sale is the 5’8 Hybrid from Gold Coast Surfboards. Its dimensions are 5’8 by 21” by 2.75”, giving it a 38L volume which can support surfers from young groms up to 200lb grown surfers.

What is a good beginner size surfboard?

We think a great beginner surfboard should have at least 60 liters of volume – and even better if there’s more. A minimal longboard surfboard could have between 65-80 liters or more volume.

What size surfboard should I get as a beginner?

A minimal surfboard is what we recommend for most beginner surfers. It is the mid-range of surfboards lengthwise varying from about 7-8ft and about 2 5/8″ – 3” thick. The width of a minimal can vary to cater for the rider but typically they are about 20 1/2″-22 1/2” wide.

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Can I learn to surf on a 7 foot board?

The best boards for learning to surf are sized between a shortboard and a big longboard – again, in the 7-8 foot range. A good and inexpensive option to start on is something like a 7 or 8-foot Wavestorm foamie (Amazon page) – the size you’ll need depends on your weight and height.

What is the cheapest surfboard?

Top 7 Best Cheap Surfboards Reviewed

  • South Bay Board Co Guppy Soft Top.
  • South Bay Board Co Huevo Egg.
  • Thurso Surf Lancer Fish.
  • Liquid Shredder EZ Slider Retro Fish.
  • South Bay Board Co Big Betsy Soft Top.
  • Thurso Surf Aero Soft Top.
  • Liquid Shredder EZ Slider Foamie.

How much does a beginner surfboard cost?

A beginner’s surfboard may cost you between $380 and $1,030 or more. There’s no need to purchase a professional or brand name surfboard at the beginning of your journey. You will only wear it out as you gain experience. You may even find that surfing isn’t for you, so don’t waste your money in the beginning.

Should a shortboard be taller than you?

A good place to start is going to be 12″-24″ taller than yourself but will vary by the shape and style of surfboard. Fish- Proper fish size is typically 2-4″ shorter than your shortboard. Shortboard- I usually recommend going 2-6″ taller than yourself. But this depends on the size of waves you’ll be surfing it in.

Do you wax a soft top surfboard?

Many beginners often want to know whether they should wax a soft-top or foam surfboard. The experts suggest that you should be waxing the foam boards. This is because the soft top boards with a super grippy deck are rare, which means the majority of boards will still need a wax layer.

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How do I pick a short surfboard?

The new surfer is going to want a board that has plenty of volume and stability. For most people, this surfboard will be something around the 7-8 foot mark and about 22-23 inches wide and 3 inches thick. A board around this size will provide plenty of volume to ensure they can paddle into waves.

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