What makes fish streamlined?

Fish are streamlined because the streamlined shape helps them move through the water with the least amount of resistance. The contour shape and…

How does a streamlined body helps fish?

Streamlining your body reduces the friction of movement to a minimum thus decreasing overall drag. For fishes having a streamlined body that is smooth helps save energy it would otherwise have to expend swimming.

Why do the fish has this shape?

A fish is shaped for where it lives and how it feeds. A fish with a torpedo shape can swim quickly through the water. A fish that is flat can easily hide on the bottom of the water. … A fish’s mouth shape is adapted to the food it eats.

Do all fish have a streamlined body?

Many animals that move through water are streamlined, including different kinds of fish, whales, stingrays, eels, and more. Marine animals are not the only ones with streamlined bodies, weasels are one example of a land dwelling animal with a streamlined body. Most types of birds will also have streamlined bodies.

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What do you mean by streamlined body of fish?

The shape of the body is said to be streamlined, if the body tapers at both the ends. Fishes have streamlined body so that they have less resistance when swimming in water.

Why is body streamlined?

It occurs when the fluid closest to the object sticks to its surface, exerting a force that opposes the object’s motion. Many animals, such as birds and dolphins, and many machines, such as airplanes and submarines, have streamlined bodies to reduce friction drag as they move through either air or water.

What does streamlined mean?

1a : contoured to reduce resistance to motion through a fluid (such as air) b : stripped of nonessentials : compact.

What would happen if fish do not have streamlined body?

(i) The streamlined body shape (boat shape) allows the fish to move easily in water. (ii) Fishes cannot survive outside water because fishes have gills which help them to use the oxygen dissolved in water. Gills are unable to absorb atmospheric oxygen, due to which the fish will die when removed out of water.

What is the special body shape of a fish known as?

The body is often fusiform, a streamlined body plan often found in fast-moving fish. They may also be filiform (eel-shaped) or vermiform (worm-shaped). Fish are often either compressed (laterally thin) or depressed (dorso-ventrally flat).

What is fish shape?

Bony fishes show great variety in body shape, but the “typical” fish body shape is roughly cylindrical and tapering at both ends. This characteristic fusiform shape is quite energy efficient for swimming.

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How do you identify a fish disease?

Is My Fish Sick?

  1. Tattered fins, tail. Skin sores. …
  2. Fuzzy spots on skin, mouth. Bacterial infection (Flavobacterium) …
  3. Bumpy growths on skin, fins. Carp Pox. …
  4. White “pimples” on skin, fins. …
  5. Cotton-like “hair” on fish, eggs, uneaten food. …
  6. Increased gill movements. …
  7. White speckles on body, fins. …
  8. Golden speckles on skin.

Which is not an example of streamlined body?

Squid and Octopus do not have streamlined type of body.

Why do birds and fish have streamlined body?

Examples: Fishes have streamlined body so that they have less resistance when swimming in water. Birds have a streamlined body to make their flight easier through air.

Where and why the streamlined shape is used?

Answer: Streamlined shape means they are narrow in front and broader at the back. The bodies of aeroplanes, missiles and rockets are streamlined to reduce friction with air. Ships and boats have a streamlined shape to reduce friction with water.

What animals are streamlined?

– Three animals that have streamlined bodies are fishes, birds and snakes. Presence of this kind of body shape is advantageous for their living. – For fishes streamlined bodies help them swim in water with the least possible resistance.

What is streamlined shape how is it helpful?

A streamlined body is the one which is pointed at the ends and broad at the middle. Such body when travel through a fluid or gaseous medium, exhibit minimum friction or resistance. E.g. A body shape which is streamlined helps cut against the friction created by the medium around the moving body.

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