What species of fish are in the River Mersey?

Angling has become popular on some stretches of the river as fish such as perch, barbel, grayling, carp, roach, chub, trout, pike, bream and dace have been caught.

What animals live in the River Mersey?

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  • Bottlenose dolphin. Lighter than a porpoise, it will most likely be seen energetically leaping through the water with a distinctive curved fin. …
  • Minke whale. …
  • Otters. …
  • Grey seal. …
  • Harbour porpoise. …
  • Salmon.


Can you eat fish from the Mersey?

Some of the fish from the Mersey can be eaten, fish like whiting and cod which come inshore have spent most of their life in open water (which means some of the cod in the local fish shop are sourced out there).

How many fish are in the River Mersey?

The number of fish species recorded from the Mersey Estuary is 22 (see Table 18.1). high water a few pelagic species which were able to tolerate the very poor conditions.

Are there salmon in the Mersey?

SALMON have been spotted in the River Mersey for the first time in 200 years. … The adult fish have been spotted near Northenden Weir where a salmon ladder has been installed to enable them to migrate from the Mersey to the River Goyt to spawn.

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Are there sharks in the River Mersey?

This is not the first time a shark has been found in the Mersey, but that was on a much smaller scale. A 30cm (12ins) long shark was caught by Zoey Mulhearn, 30, and Lynn Darnell, 27, at New Brighton in 2008.

Can you swim in the Mersey?

This is great open water swimming venue with organised sessions for swimmers with lots of experience or for those new to the sport. Safety cover is excellent. … If you want to swim in River Mersey waters this is the place to go. You may even spot the odd mermaid.

Is there fish in the Mersey?

The River Mersey is bustling with everything from cod and whiting to school bass and flounder, and there’s even been reports of salmon returning to these waters in recent times.

Do you need a license to fish the Mersey?

You need a rod licence to fish using rod and line for freshwater fish (salmonids, coarse fish and freshwater eels), whether this is above or below the official tidal limit.

Is the River Mersey freshwater?

Now the freshwater of the River Mersey mixes into the saltwater of the Irish Sea. Seventy miles, three cities, two motorways and countless railways from Stockport, we say goodbye.

How clean is the Mersey?

The River Mersey is more polluted with microplastics than any other river in the UK, claims a study into the problem. Greenpeace said it was worse than the “Great Pacific garbage patch”, with 875 pieces found in 30 minutes.

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Is the River Mersey dangerous?

The River Mersey is an extremely dangerous river. The Mersey has the third fastest tidal run in Europe, with the speed of the water reaching 10 knots in places. Immersion in the Mersey, particularly in the cold winter months can result in rapid death, often within minutes.

How deep are the Mersey Tunnels?

The depth below riverbed of the Wallasey tunnel is an average 40ft.

Is there trout in the River Mersey?

It’s now possible to catch fish throughout the Rivers Tame, Goyt and Mersey. Species that have been caught on these rivers include: trout.

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