When can you fish with midges?

Midges hatch year round 365 days a year in all the different river systems here in Colorado. They are most common and prolific in the colder months from November to April. Midges can also be fished in the late summer when the water temperatures are warm.

What time of day do midges hatch?

Midges will be the bread and butter of the winter fly fishing , and make up the majority of a trout’s diet. Midges will hatch during the warmest parts of the day often from 10 – 3 pm and can bring nearly every fish in the river to the surface. This hatch alone can make winter fly fishing worth pursuing.

How do you rig for midge fishing?

The typical midge rig for subsurface fishing is a basic right-angle nymphing setup. Because midges tend to hatch in slow current, don’t employ the standard “11/2 times the depth” length calculation. The leader should hang almost straight to the bottom from the indicator, so depth and length should be about the same.

How do you fish a midge zebra?

Generally speaking, you rig a bottom-bumping nymph 1½ times the depth of the water you’re fishing. The Zebra Midge is most effective when fish are actively feeding on emerging midges. You will see the fish rolling in light current as they take midge pupae they catch struggling toward the surface.

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What is the life cycle of a midge?

Midges undergo ‘complete metamorphosis’, meaning that they pass through 4 complete life stages. These are the egg, larvae pupa and adult stages. Adult female midges lay their eggs in aquatic habitats.

What temperature do midges hatch?

Found in almost any water temperature above 32 degrees. But at around 42 degrees expect to see the first significant, consistent hatch of the year. Midges hatch year round and are very often a trout’s primary food source.

What color are midges?

Midge larvae are found in a wide range of colors including blood red, pale olive, gray, brown, and black. Most midge larvae are between 3 and 10 millimeters—about the length of a size 16 to 22 long-shank hook. Many anglers overlook fishing larvae imitations, which can be a huge mistake.

Do midges bite humans?

Biting midges are minute to tiny flies that can be severe biting pests of humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife. Their blood-sucking habits also raise concerns about possible involvement in the transmission of disease agents.

What does a midge look like?

Being true flies, midges (in the family Chironomidae) have only one pair of wings. They look a lot like mosquitoes: small and dainty, rather soft-bodied, with long, narrow wings and long, skinny legs; males often have feathery antennae, used for sensing the high-pitched sounds of female wings.

Should emerger flies float?

Try fishing an emerger with no dry-fly dressing first. It will float for a number of casts and then it will sink just slightly under the surface, so you can see which works best. If you want your emerger to float, rub it in Shake & Flote, not liquid or paste dressings.

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What does a wet fly look like?

Wet flies resemble insects that grow and live below the water surface before hatching and floating to the surface. They can also imitate larger creatures such as crawfish, leeches, and smaller fish that are found in streams and rivers. Dry flies represent insects that fish feed on that land on top of the water.

How do you retrieve dry flies?

fingers are used grab a small bunch of line, the wrist is twisted and the thumb and forefinger grab some more. This can be a smooth controlled retrieve, and is most popular for nymphs and dries. There is another retrieve. By sticking the rod under your armpit, both hands can be used to strip the line hand over hand.

Does fly spray kill midges?

You can even spray swarms of midge flies directly. Adulticide insecticides can help you eliminate a swarm of midges temporarily, but won’t affect the midges’ rapid re-population cycles very much.

How do you catch midges?

Create a midge trap

Put apple cider vinegar into a bowl with a few drops of washing up liquid. Midges are attracted to the smell of the mix but get stuck when they land!

What’s the difference between midges and mosquitoes?

The main difference between midges and mosquitoes is that midges do not have a proboscis (a long needle-like mouthpart) whereas mosquitoes have a proboscis. Furthermore, the wings of midges look like barren panes of glass while the edges of the wings of mosquitoes are covered in scales that look like fine hairs.

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