Where can I fish near Brisbane?

Is Brisbane good for fishing?

Brisbane is home to some of the most impressive fishing spots around as well as some great fish species to try and hook. So it’s not hard to see why fishing is a hugely popular hobby for many Queenslanders.

Where can I fish near me without a boat?

How to Find Fishing Spots Near Me: No Boat, No Problem

  • Check with your state fish and wildlife agency. …
  • Visit nearby state and county parks. …
  • Keep an eye open for public waterways on your everyday routes. …
  • Ask at your local tackle shop or join a fishing club. …
  • Listen to local fishing reports.


Is there fish in Brisbane River?

The Brisbane River has been producing quality fish, with jewies, tailor, flathead and threadfin salmon all turning up regularly. Fishing Brisbane’s rivers and creeks has resulted in red-hot sessions this winter. Jewies, flathead, grunter, bream, tailor and big threadfin have all shown up quite regularly.

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Where can I fish in low tide Brisbane?

Low tide in the Brisbane area is bad for fishing unless you have a boat because a lot of the bay is very shallow close in and the sand and mud flats just go for ever. Northside should be somewhere like Sandgate Jetty, Redcliffe Jetty or possibly the old Hornibrook Bridge (Brighton side or Redcliffe side is up to you).

Can you eat fish from the Brisbane River?

Sediment flows quickly during floods and creeps during dry weather. … But despite the sediment issues, fish caught in the Brisbane River were still safe to eat.

Where are the fish biting in Brisbane?

Best Fishing Spots in Brisbane

  • Hornibrook Bridge, Pine River.
  • Shorncliffe Pier.
  • Tuckeroo Park, Nudgee Beach.
  • Colmslie Recreation Reserve, Morningside.
  • Sandgate Foreshores Park, Brighton.
  • Kangaroo Park, Karana Downs.
  • Pine River, Bald Hills.
  • Breakfast Creek.


How do I get started fishing?

How To Get Started Fishing in 10 Simple Steps

  1. Purchase a fishing license. …
  2. Learn to identify the fish species that inhabit your state waters. …
  3. Locate a good fishing spot. …
  4. Assemble your fising gear and tackle. …
  5. Learn and practice a couple of simple fishing knots.


Is it good to fish in the rain?

Rain during cold weather can also serve to drop the water temperature and send fish into lockjaw. Yes, fishing is often better than normal when it’s raining, but it may not be the rain itself causing the hot bite. … The best time to go fishing is when you have time to go fishing.

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What is the best place to fish in Minecraft?

Fish can be caught just as readily in small, shallow, and/or player-created pools, both aboveground and underground. The bobber must be watched closely. Small splashes can be seen around the bobber. The player must wait for a random period between 5 and 30 seconds before the hook catches something.

Where can I catch big fish in Brisbane?

Land Spots

  • Hornibrook Bridge | Redcliffe, Moreton Bay Region.
  • Shorncliffe Pier | Shorncliffe.
  • Boggy Creek Entrance| End of Sandmere Road, Pinkenba.
  • Cameron Rocks Reserve | Hamilton.
  • Redcliffe Jetty | Redcliffe, Moreton Bay.
  • Newstead Park Jetty| Newstead.
  • Woody Point Jetty| Moreton bay.
  • Gateway Bridge | Nudgee.

What fish are in season now Brisbane?

Fishing is a popular activity year-round in Brisbane, both for novice and experienced fishers.

  • Whiting. Winter whiting is a reliable catch in the cooler months and is a great tasting fish. …
  • Flathead. …
  • Bream. …
  • Trevally. …
  • Tailor.


Do you need a fishing Licence in Qld?

You do not require a licence to fish recreationally in Queensland, except if fishing in some stocked impoundments where a stocked impoundment permit is required. You should make sure you are fully aware of the rules that apply to the area you are intending to fish.

Where can I catch yabbies in Brisbane?

Re: where to pump for yabbies – brisbane river are

It can be a Bit#$ to get out to the low water mark where the best scores are harvested though. The mud is very soft and you sink way in. Another spot is Wellington Point on the low tide on the land bridge that joins King Island to the mainland.

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Can you fish on Fishermans Island?

The shallow water here holds Bream, Flathead and Whiting. Bream and whiting are best targeted on an incoming tide.

Where can I fish for Jacobs Well?

Directly north of Crusoe Island is Kalinga Bank and this area yields fantastic whiting and bream along with some amazing flathead. You can even land the odd mangrove jack along Kalinga Bank – especially in the slightly deeper water. East of Kalinga Bank is the Jumpinpin Bar, affectionately called the Pin Bar.

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