Which fish are known for giving a kissing face when they eat or breath?

Kissing gouramis, also known as kissing fish or kissers (Helostoma temminckii), are medium-sized tropical freshwater fish comprising the monotypic labyrinth fish family Helostomatidae (from the Greek elos [stud, nail], stoma [mouth]). These fish originate from Thailand to Indonesia.

What are kissing fish really doing?

Though the lip-locking act of these fish may appear as kissing, it is certainly not a display of love and affection, as in case of humans. It has been suggested that their lip-locking is a sign of fight for dominance. It usually happens in young males, who want to defend their territory or feeding areas.

Where can I find kissing fish?

The popular kissing gourami, commonly called a kisser, originates from the Indonesian island of Java and is also found in Borneo, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is commonly cultivated in the southern Indochina region as a food fish.

What do kissing fish look like?

The Kissing Gourami is also known as the Kisser Fish or Pink Kisser. The Kissing Gourami is silvery-peach in color and has thick lips that can be extended or pursed (as in kissing). They are generally a tolerant species, but males may occasionally fight by pressing their lips together (i.e., kissing).

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Why are my Gouramis kissing?

The Kissing Gourami gets its name from the way it will kiss other gouramis and other fish in your tank. They are not kissing but they are in fact acting aggressive and having a showdown. When they do this it means that one is trying to establish dominance over the other.

Why does my kissing fish keep kissing?

When they kiss, it means they are fighting with each other. Besides, the jagged mouth weapon is only suitable for the same kind of kissing fishes. Kissing is the process of testing their patience. The first one who loosens its mouth fails in this fight.

Are kissing fish friendly?

Are Kissing Gourami Suitable For Your Aquarium? (Summary)

Kissing Gouramis are an interesting species that show off some unique behaviors. We have talked about their aggression and how to deal with it, but most of the time they remain peaceful. If you choose the right tank mates, it should not be a problem at all.

Are Kissing Fish aggressive?

Kissing gouramis rate as semi-aggressive. They are not as brutal as some fish, but not exactly peaceful either. Most of the this species’ aggression is directed at fish that look similar to it, particularly those with the same shape.

Can kissing fish live with goldfish?

Kissing fish or kissing gouramis (Helostoma temmikii) do not belong in the same aquarium as goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus). The water conditions that the two fish species need are too vastly different for them to live together. … Both make fine keeper fish, but only in separate fish tanks.

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How long do kissing fish live?

In captivity and in the wild the average lifespan is 5 to 7 years, but it is known that kissing gourami can live much longer.

Are my fish kissing or fighting?

They are not “in love” with each other. In fact, its mostly likely the opposite – they are fighting! Fish who touch their fishy lips together (like “kissing” gourami) or lock to together in a passionate “kiss” (like betta fish) are most likely sparring or engaged in battle.

Can kissing fish live with Oscars?

If they grow up with them and you never feed live foods they may be okay, but even then I wouldn’t be surprised if you had issues. You will need to keep a very close eye on everyone as the Oscars get bigger.

Do fishes sleep?

While fish do not sleep in the same way that land mammals sleep, most fish do rest. Research shows that fish may reduce their activity and metabolism while remaining alert to danger.

Can angelfish live with kissing gourami?

Conclusion. Angelfish and Gouramis can live together and usually get along quite nicely.

Will kissing Gouramis eat smaller fish?

Kissing gouramis will sometimes bully smaller or similarly sized fish, too. Using their puckered lips once again, the fish can ram others and push them around. Author Note: This species is also known to attack the sides of vulnerable fish.

How often do you feed kissing gourami?

Kissing gouramis are more herbivorous and should be fed Aqueon Spirulina Flakes and Algae Rounds. Frozen and live foods can also be fed as treats or to help induce spawning. For best results, rotate their diet daily and feed only what they can consume in under 2 minutes, once or twice a day.

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