Who does fisherman represent in keeping quiet?

Answer: The fisherman symbolizes man’s indiscriminate exploitation of nature for his vested interests.

What is Fisherman symbolic of in keeping quiet?

The fisherman symbolizes man’s indiscriminate exploitation of nature for his vested interests.

What did the fisherman symbolize?

The fisherman symbolises man’s indiscriminate exploitation of nature for his vested interests.

What does the fisherman in the cold sea symbolizes?

Fishermen represent hunters of all kinds. The whales represent the oppressed class of human beings. It is therefore a cry for the oppressed. In this quiet moment of introspection, people would stop hurting others in an attempt to understand themselves.

Why does the poet want us to do nothing for once?

The poet wants us to ‘do nothing’ for once because during this time of inactivity man will realize the strength of humanity and become aware of universal brotherhood wherein he will be able to give mankind a healing touch.

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What are we single minded about keeping quiet?

Man is single-mindedly involved in completing his tasks and get the life going. He is so intricately involved that there is no scope for self analysis. To move out of this absent-mindedness, the poet calls for keeping quiet.

What does the fisherman not harming whales signify?

It symbolise that when everybody is keeping quiet and do nothing. It would be rare moment in the history of mankind. All the people of the world would be together in this extraordinary moment. Fisherman will not harm the whales.

What message does the poet seem to give?

Answer: Robert Frost wants to convey the message, that it really doesn’t matter whether it is fire or ice that will destroy the world. In fact we should think about what we can do to stop it. This poem makes us think deeper about our negativity.

What does the expression put on clean clothes imply?

Ans. ‘Put on clean clothes’ signifies the feelings of their mutual understanding. and of threatening ourselves with death.

What should the fishermen not do?

Explanation: (a)Fishermen usually catch fish, particularly whales, in the cold seas. (b)The poet asks fishermen not to hurt or injure the whales in the seas.

How can we bring about a huge silence?

(a) The huge silence can be made if people could slow down for once and do nothing. (b) The silence is called ‘huge’ as it will remove all our tension and will give us the opportunity of self introspection.

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What are the fisherman harming whales a metaphor for?

a) This line refers to the fact that humans often willfully hurt innocent creatures. Whales have been mercilessly hunted for oil, meat etc. Neruda wishes that for once man could stop his wanton behavior, because of the harm it causes.

What does the poem keeping quiet teach us?

It teaches us that we must be peaceful and should never destroy the nature’s beauty. The poem “Keeping quiet” written by Pablo Neruda is about the necessity of quiet introspection and creating a mutual understanding about fellow human beings.

Why does the poet ask people not to speak?

in the poem keeping quiet, the poet asks the people to keep quiet and do no work for some time. The people of the world have been indulging in wars and bloodsheds on minor excuses. If they keep quiet, they may not indulge in reasoning, disputes and quarrels. So, let them keep quiet and not speak in any language.

What is always alive when everything seems dead?

d) What is always alive, even when everything seems to be dead? Answer : The Earth is always alive, even when everything else seems to be dead as there is always some activity going on in nature beneath its apparent stillness.

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