Why are blind cave fish blind?

Blind cave fish compensate for their lack of sight by having a more sensitive lateral line system which detects vibrations or changes in pressure in the water. The lateral line is a specialized sensory organ found in fish. It is a canal system running just under the skin along each side of the fish’s body.

Why does the blind cave fish have no eyes?

The fact that cave fishes don’t use their eyes has no effect on their genes. Instead, cave fishes are blind because something happened to the genes that control the development of their eyes. This change is passed on from parent to offspring. That explains why a blind fish would have blind offspring.

Why do cave fish lose their eyes?

Blind cavefish (Astyanax mexicanus) lose critical eye tissues within a few days after their eyes begin to develop. According to a new study, this loss of eye tissues happens through epigenetic silencing of eye-related genes. … This mechanism differs from genetic mutations, which are permanent changes in the DNA code.

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Are blind cave fish born with eyes?

Mexican cavefish are bizarre, not merely blind but born with eyes that regress until they are completely lost as adults. The bones of their once-round eye orbits have collapsed. … Cavefish start their lives with symmetrical features like other fish.

Did cave fish have eyes?

Cave shrimp and cave fish don’t… because they don’t have eyes. Energy-saving eye loss, or the expensive tissue hypothesis, is one of a number of theories to explain why sighted animals that took up life inside caves evolved to be blind.

Can a fish live without eyes?

Fish can live perfectly fine with only 1 eyeball. No need to euthanize. I had a piranha, actually the first batch I got of them 17 years ago, that had his eye taken out by another and he lived 10 more years.

How do blind cave fish see?

The Mexican blind cavefish does not have eyes, but it can “see” obstacles in dark caves by puckering its mouth and producing bursts of suction, according to a new study. In fact, larger fish detected objects at about the same distance as smaller fish did. …

How long do blind cave fish live?

The fish may be born blind or it may be born with functional eyes which later cloud over and shrink because there is no light in the dark caves and eyesight is not necessary. The lifespan of the blind cave fish is approximately ten years.

What do blind cave fish eat?

Diet: The Blind cavefish is mainly carnivorous, feeding on aquatic worms, snails, small fish and insects. Somewhat omnivorus in that they will also eat algae and plant matter.

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Can a fish hear?

Our ears and brain translate vibrations into sounds and language. Fish hear, but their “ears” are on the inside. Bony fishes detect vibrations through their “earstones” called otoliths. Both people and fish use parts of their ears to help them with balance.

Do blind cave fish eat other fish?

Although some will learn to eat off of the surface of the water, most will root in the substrate for food. They do very well on sinking food. They will eat anything that they can get a hold of from flakes, pellets, to live foods. They will also eat any eggs from other fish that may be in the substrate.

Are Goldfish blind?

Blind Goldfish

Many serious goldfish eye injuries can heal, even if it causes them to go blind. A goldfish with a missing eye can live out its life without any issues. Even if it is completely blind, it can still sense its surroundings by using its lateral lines, sense of hearing, and sense of smell.

Is there a blind fish?

A blind fish is a fish without functional eyes. Most blind fish species are found in dark habitats such as the deep ocean, deep river channels and underground.

Do fish live in underground rivers?

Many aboveground fish may enter caves on occasion, but obligate cavefish (fish that require underground habitats) are extremophiles with a number of unusual adaptations known as troglomorphism. … Many adaptions seen in cavefish are aimed at surviving in a habitat with little food.

What animal does not have eyes?

Researchers said on Thursday that the red brittle star, called Ophiocoma wendtii, is only the second creature known to be able to see without having eyes – known as extraocular vision – joining a single species of sea urchin.

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Do cave fish live in caves?

Cave fishes are small, growing to about 10 cm (4 inches) long, and are found in fresh water in dark limestone caves of the United States.

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