Why does Elizabeth Bishop refer to the fish as tremendous in her poem The fish?

The poem begins with the speaker telling the reader that she went fishing and caught a “tremendous fish.” She emphasizes the fact that as she was reeling in the fish, it did not fight at all. Bishop uses three adjectives to describe it. … This new state of mind encouraged her to release the fish.

What does the fish symbolize in the fish by Elizabeth Bishop?

These fish lines show fish’s persistence, strength and battle for its life, and they look like medals with their ribbons. This is the moment when the fisherwoman begins to realize her victory, because those fish lines are what connects her to the creature in a strongly human sense, and she decides to let it go.

How does Elizabeth Bishop feel about the fish?

Bishop realises that the fish has qualities she longs to possess herself. The fish is no longer just a physical object but is now a creature possessing qualities which she finds admirable. She admires it’s strength of character and it’s determination to survive.

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What is the meaning behind the poem the fish?

The Fish is a free verse poem all about the catching and landing of a big fish, which Elizabeth Bishop probably did catch in real life during one of her many fishing trips in Florida.

What is the metaphor in the fish by Elizabeth Bishop?

The metaphor “rainbow” is the victory of both the fish and its capturer as the promise of hope and beauty is experienced. And, herein lies the theme of Bishop’s poem: Respect for Nature that reveres and renews life.

What does the boat symbolize in the fish?

The narrator believes this fish’s wisdom and enduring effort to survive symbolizes victory: “Victory filled up / the little rented boat” (66-67). The fish had fought on the front lines between nature and humanity and outlasted all of its opponents.

What details help the reader visualize the fish?

Most often the reader experiences visual imagery in poetry. In this poem the reader encounters visual, auditory, and sensory imagery. “The Fish” is filled with minute details that paint a picture for the reader. With each new element that is introduced, it becomes easier to visualize the fish.

Why does Bishop compare hooks to medals?

One of the most important lines in the poem is when Bishop mentions the fact that the fish had been caught several times. … This simile is comparing the many hooks that are in the fish’s mouth to medals and a beard of wisdom. The medals represent the reward for many struggles that the fish has survived.

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What is the main theme of the fish?

The main themes in Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Fish” relate to respect and making choices. In this poem, the speaker catches a large fish, and…

What happens to the fish at the end of the poem the fish?

The speaker considered how tough this fish must be and how much he probably had to fight. She begins to respect the fish. The poem takes its final turn when the oil spillage in the boat makes a rainbow and the speaker, overcome with emotion by the fish and the scene, lets the fish go.

Why does she let the fish go in the fish?

The speaker from Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Fish” lets the fish go because she respects it and thinks that it deserves freedom.

Why is the ending of the fish is surprising?

Answer: The ending of “The Fish” is surprising because the speaker lets the fish go.

What poetic devices are used in the fish?

In the poem “The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop, the author uses much imagery, symbols, and similes to illustrate the story of catching the fish. The narrative poem is one of a classic fisherman tale; however Bishop uniquely twists the story with her use of imagery.

Is the fish a metaphor?

indicate the fish’s struggle with death. … “I let the fish go” becomes, then, a metaphor for renewal of life because the speaker renews life in the act of throwing the fish back, an act of reverence.

Why is Rainbow repeated in the fish?

Lines 68-69

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Bilge is the water that gathers at the bottom of the boat near the engine, usually mixed with oil from the engine. So the rainbow is coming from the spilled oil, just like spilled oil from a car engine in a parking lot or garage.

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