You asked: Are I fish pros legal in MN?

Perfectly legal in MN.

Can I fish in MN right now?

You can fish in spring, summer, fall and winter. You can fish any day of the year if the kind of fish you’re trying to catch can be legally caught on the day you’re fishing.

Available for the first time this winter in North Dakota, the Hook-Set Tip-Up features a spring-loaded device that pulls upward on the line spool when a fish hits and automatically sets the hook. The device is illegal in Minnesota. … Just don’t try using it in Minnesota.

What are the fishing laws in Minnesota?

All residents of Minnesota, age 16 to 89, must have a current Minnesota fishing license unless an exemption applies. All non-residents need a license except those age 15 and younger do not need a license if a parent or guardian is licensed. Licenses are issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

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Yes, it’s a thing in Minnesota, catching a walleye at midnight. … So, if you’ve never caught a walleye at midnight … Midnight doesn’t mean much for the other game fish that become fair targets at that moment: northern pike, lake trout, and largemouth and smallmouth bass. But it means a ton for Minnesota’s state fish.

What fish are in season in MN?


05/15/21 – 09/30/21 Lake trout
05/15/21 – 02/27/22 Walleye, sauger and northern pike
05/29/21 – 02/27/22 Largemouth bass
05/29/21 – 09/12/21 Smallmouth bass
06/05/21 – 12/01/21 Muskellunge

Where are the fish biting in MN?

The Minnesota Fishing Report: Where, what they’re biting



How close do you have to be to your tip up in Minnesota?

Page 58 of the MN regs book says you must be within 200 feet of your tip up.

Are auto jiggers illegal in MN?

Perfectly legal in MN.

How many tip-ups can you use in Minnesota?

No more than two tip-ups may be used for ice fishing on Minnesota-Wisconsin boundary waters. Tip-ups may not be more than 400 feet from the angler.

Is culling fish illegal in MN?

Q: What is “culling” of fish, and is it legal to do it on Minnesota lakes? A: Culling, or live-well sorting, is the replacement of one fish in the live well with another fish of the same species. State law allows the culling or sorting of fish wh…

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Do senior citizens need a fishing license in Minnesota?

Who needs a fishing license in Minnesota? Any Minnesota resident aged 16–90 is required to carry a license when fishing. Children under 16 and seniors over 90 who live in Minnesota can fish without a license.

Is there a catfish season in MN?

The season for sunfish, crappies, perch, channel catfish and a few less popular species is always open.

How many fish can I catch in Minnesota?

Fishing season for these species is year-round, with no restrictions on length, but daily limits vary. Anglers in Minnesota may keep up to 10 crappie, 20 sunfish, 20 yellow perch, 30 rock bass and 30 white perch daily.

Thank you for contacting the Minnesota DNR. It is legal to use infrared light on an underwater camera, however if the camera is equipped with an option for white light or any light which is projected it makes it illegal to use in Minnesota.

From the Minnesota 2005 DNR Fishing regulation: “Using an artificial light to lure or attract fish, or to see fish when spearing, is unlawful. Exception: While angling, a person may affix to the end of a fishing line a lighted artifical bait with hooks attached.

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