You asked: Can I feed tropical fish betta food?

Can Betta fish eat tropical fish food flakes? Betta fish are tropical, so tropical fish food flakes are alright to use. However, as mentioned above, Betta fish are carnivorous and need protein-rich meaty food specifically for Bettas.

Can regular fish eat betta food?

Get the Right Food for your fish

In general, feeding goldfish with beta food is not a good idea. The two species have little in common and their dietary needs are different. Betta fish need much more protein than goldfish, which can cause many problems over time.

Can tropical fish eat betta pellets?

So giving tropical fish betta food on occasion is fine. Just make sure if you have omnivores (like tetras, guppies, mollies, etc), they get some veggies. But tropical fish food given to bettas long term is not as good. The veggie matter in it can give bettas digestive problems.

What type of fish can eat betta food?

Most tetra types that are ok living with betta will accept betta pellets, with the only challenge being aggression from a hostile betta during mealtimes. Overall, I recommend you skip betta flakes and offer your tetras and bettas pellet foods because they offer a superior base diet.

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Can tropical fish eat pellets?

Yes, pellet food also comes in a variety of makeups in the sense that you can find pellets for saltwater fish, for freshwater fish, for tropical fish, cold-water fish, meat-eaters, omnivores, and herbivores too. They are also quite versatile in this way.

Will a betta fish kill a goldfish?

If you had absolutely no other choice it is possible to keep bettas and goldfish together for a short amount of time. After all, goldfish are unlikely to trigger aggression in your betta and a couple of days of warmer temperature won’t kill your goldfish.

What do Bettas like in their tank?

Your Betta will love swimming in a tank which contains caves to hide in and plants that provide plenty shady areas. … And if you’re going to use fake plants, don’t use plastic ones, use silk plants. Live plants are always good because they’ll help clean the water and provide your Betta with a natural environment.

Will Bettas kill Tetras?

So while not as showy and attractive female bettas have a much better chance of existing peacefully with neon tetras. But the truth is most of us want to keep a beautiful, showy, male betta. … Neon tetras may become stressed or be killed outright if they live with aggressive betta.

Can I leave my betta fish for a week?

Outlined in the food and feeding guide, betta fish can go up to 2 weeks without food for a healthy adult. … All bettas are different from their age, health, metabolisms, and environments so not all fish can fare as well left unattended. The maximum amount of time away without feeding should be 4-7 days.

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Will Betta eat Tetras?

When you’re choosing tetras make sure they are adults. Even if your betta is friendly, they’re still opportunistic eaters. That means given the chance he may still try to eat a small tetra. Check to make sure that you aren’t buying a sick tetra either.

Can bettas eat bananas?

Yes, some bettas might eat bananas or mangoes. These fruits are safer than citrusy fruits because they are soft, sweet, and less acidic. … Drop a tiny slice of fruit in the fish tank.

How long can a betta fish go without food?

Betta fish can survive up to 10 days without food, however, this is not recommended!

Can neon tetra fish eat betta food?

Neon Tetras are omnivores and bettas are carnivores. So while you’ll be able to feed your neon tetras some of your bettas food, you can’t feed your betta some of your neon tetras food.

What is fish favorite food?

Staple Diet

It depends on the type of food you buy, but most flaked foods are made up of a combination of fish meal, squid meal, shrimp meal, earthworms, spirulina, and vitamins and minerals. This provides your fish with all the nutrients he needs but can’t get in captivity.

What is the best fish food for tropical fish?

The best fish food to consider for tropical fish include:

  • Hikari Micro Wafers. …
  • API Tropical Flakes. …
  • Omega One Freshwater Flakes. …
  • Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets. …
  • Tetra Freeze Dried Blood Worms. …
  • Aquacarium Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms. …
  • Aquacarium Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp. …
  • Aquacarium Spirulina Veggie Algae Wafers.
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How many times do you feed tropical fish?

Tropical fish will need daily feeding, and it’s important that whoever feeds them in your absence knows how to feed them and to avoid over-feeding (preparing some meals in advance can be a good idea).

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