You asked: Is keeping tropical fish difficult?

Let’s have a look at some of the myths about tropical fish aquariums, and answer the age-old question, are tropical fish hard to keep? The short answer is that it isn’t too difficult, and certainly, beginners to the hobby can very successfully keep a tropical tank community.

Is it hard to maintain a tropical fish tank?

3 – Tropical aquariums aren’t hard work

In reality, it’s mostly a case of controlling the heating, lighting and filtration systems. Tropical fish are not difficult to look after and can actually be easier to care for than goldfish.

How hard are tropical fish?

No, they are not hard work as such but there is a lot to understand. There is much more to keeping healthy fish than just giving them a filter and a heater. … Most small tropical fish live for about 5-10 years but some can live longer.

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Are tropical fish easier to keep than cold water?

Because they do not require a heater cold water aquariums are easier to maintain than tropical aquariums. Cold water fish are also generally more hardy than tropical fish so they are easier to care for and come in a wide variety of fantastic shapes, sizes and colours!

What are the easiest tropical fish to keep?

Here is my list of the best tropical fish for beginners:

  • Neon Tetra.
  • Swordtail.
  • Fancy Guppy.
  • Cory Catfish.
  • Black-skirt Tetra.
  • Zebra Danio.
  • Cherry Barb.
  • Harlequin Rasbora.


Do fish get bored living in a tank?

If the aquarium is too small, or bare of plants, rocks, substrate etc. and it has no outlet for natural behaviours, then yes – they will get bored. We often get fish from people who keep them in tanks that are dull and too small.

Why do my tropical fish keep dying?

Poor water quality

Ammonia and nitrite are just two of many common problems that you might come across while caring for an aquarium and both can harm your fish. A number of things can lead to ammonia, such as fish waste, leftover food rotting at the bottom of the tank, and dead fish not being removed promptly.

What are the hardiest freshwater tropical fish?

Examples of hardy freshwater fish include Poecilids such as the guppy, molly, swordtail and platy, most species of betta, zebra danios, and some tetras. Generally, fish are hardy only when they have been tank-bred, since wild-caught fish may take many generations to adapt to life in captivity.

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What tropical fish do you add first?

What should my first fish in my community tropical aquarium be? If you’re planning to have a community tropical fish tank, your best bet would to begin with some “starter fish” such as mollies, platies, danios, swordtails or minnows.

Which tropical fish are most hardy?

The eight best tropical fish for aquariums, and five to add with caution

  • Rosy barb. Rosy barbs, Puntius conchonius, are like tropical goldfish, hardy, easy to keep, and active at all water levels. …
  • Platy. …
  • Corydoras catfish. …
  • Bristlenose catfish. …
  • Kribensis. …
  • Harlequin rasbora. …
  • Cherry barb.


How many times a day do you feed tropical fish?

Apart from large, predatory species, fish are adapted to graze on tiny quantities of food throughout the day. With this fact in mind, most fishes will thrive when fed small portions two to three times a day and will soon learn to come and beg from their owner.

Can tropical fish go in cold water?

What “tropical” fish can I keep in coldwater? Although some tropical fish, like certain Corydoras, can tolerate slightly lower temperatures than normal if slowly acclimatised, the process could be stressful, so experts don’t recommend it.

What happens if you put tropical fish in cold water?

Another side effect of keeping coldwater fishes at tropical temperatures is the much shorter lifespan that will arise due to the fish always being kept at unnaturally high metabolic rates. By keeping your coldwater fishes cool, they will enjoy a much longer, healthier life.

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What is the hardest fish to kill?

  • Corydoras Catfish. You’ve probably spotted some of these distinctive fish in home aquariums or pet stores. …
  • Dwarf Gourami. Shutterstock. …
  • Harlequin Rasboras. …
  • Kribensis. …
  • Kuhli Loach. …
  • Lemon Tetras. …
  • Platies. …
  • Siamese Fighting Fish (AKA Bettas)

What is the most beautiful tropical fish?

  • Threadfin Butterflyfish. This Butterflyfish is the centerpiece in many home aquariums; it has a beautifully bold personality to match its bold colors. …
  • Betta Fish. …
  • Regal Angelfish. …
  • Symphysodon Discus. …
  • Banggai Cardinalfish. …
  • Moorish Idol. …
  • Flame Angelfish. …
  • Clownfish.

Which pet fish are best for beginners?

Betta Fish

Although the have the reputation as one of the easiest fish to keep, your betta will live a long, happy life with a few upgrades from their sad, little bowl. Bettas thrive in five-gallon tank minimum with a filter and heater.

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