You asked: Where can I fish in Lake Palestine?

What kind of fish is in Lake Palestine?

Озеро Палестин/Виды рыб

Where are the crappie fish in Lake Palestine?

During the spawn, crappie can be found as shallow a 10-14 inches of water, but moving out to 10-15 feet of water in the bigger lakes. But … there is always the exception … crappie can be found shallow in the summer if the conditions are right.

What are fish biting on Lake Palestine?

Fishing in Lake Palestine

The lake is very popular for largemouth bass tournaments due to its consistent success. Both white bass and hybrid striped bass are present; white bass are particularly popular during their spring run up the Neches River and Kickapoo Creeks.

Is Lake Palestine open to the public?

Public Access Facilities

Five public boat launches provide access to Lake Palestine. More than a dozen private marinas, motels and campgrounds offer additional ramps and other services. For details, choose a point on the map or a name in the chart below.

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Is Lake Palestine safe to swim in?

There is no public swimming on Lake Palestine.

Are there alligators in Lake Palestine?

Courtesy Alligator caught and killed in Upper Lake, Palestine. It’s safe to go back into Upper Lake now that its reptilian visitor is gone. A 10 1/2 foot alligator that was loose in the lake for more than two weeks was officially caught and killed, the city of Palestine announced Monday.

How many blue catfish can I keep on Lake Palestine?

Daily bag and possession limit = 50 blue and channel catfish in any combination, of which no more than 5 may be 20 inches or longer.

Is Lake Palestine clean?

Visited Lake Palestine. There isn’t a lot of boat traffic and water is clean. …

What is the deepest part of Lake Palestine?


Is Lake Palestine a constant level lake?

According to the Texas Water Development Board 2012 Survey, the storage capacity of Lake Palestine is 367,312 acre-feet with a surface area of 23,112 acres at the conservation pool elevation of 345 feet above mean sea level.

Is Lake Palestine Stumpy?

Lake Palestine is a very large lake southwest of Tyler, TX and is bordered by four counties: Smith, Henderson, Anderson and Cherokee. … The lake is fairly stumpy north of the bridge so it is best to boat near shore and be careful.

What is the water temperature on Lake Palestine?

Lake Palestine about to bust at the seams high water up on the boat docks stained down south and dirty to muddy up north. Surface temperature range from 70-78 degrees.

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Where can I swim in Lake Palestine?

Places to Swim Near Palestine TX

  • Fairfield Lake State Park. Fairfield, TX.
  • Rusk KOA. Rusk, TX.
  • Fort Boggy State Park. Centerville, TX.
  • Tyler State Park. Tyler, TX.
  • Fort Parker State Park. Mexia, TX.
  • Lufkin KOA. Lufkin, TX.
  • Lake Livingston / Onalaska KOA. Onalaska, TX.
  • Huntsville State Park. Huntsville, TX.

Does Lake Palestine have a beach?

Enjoy a refreshing dip in the clear, clean Lake Palestine water along our grassy & sandy beach. Safe, roped off swimming area is away from boats. Nice covered pavilion for watching your kids swim.

Can you ski in Lake Palestine?

Lake Palestine is one of the most popular lakes in East Texas, and for good reason. … This 25,600-acre lake is a favorite for recreational activities, including boating, skiing, and fishing.

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