Your question: What can you use for groundbait?

Breadcrumb is another widely used groundbait ingredient. Although carp, bream, tench and roach all love breadcrumbs, by the time it’s used in a groundbait mix the crumbs will be overpowered by the additional scents and particles added, so in the main bread crumbs are simply used as a bulking agent in most groundbaits.

Can you use bread as groundbait?

One of the oldest fishing baits used in angling and one of the cheapest fishing baits as well. The four main ways of fishing with Bread as a hook bait are – Punch, Paste, Flake and Crust and as a groundbait bread can be liquidised or mashed.

What is groundbait made of?

Groundbait is a mixture of various natural ingredients, for example fishmeal, bread crumbs, vanilla sugar, hemp seeds or oil, maize and other ingredients, which are then moistened with water and formed into balls. These balls are then cast into the water at the fishing spot.

Is Liquidised bread groundbait?

It can be liquidised or mashed into a lovely groundbait. Bread can even be coloured, flavoured or fished in conjunction with other baits such as maggot, caster, worm or corn. … This allows it to hold on to the hook better, particularly when fishing bread flake.”

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How do you get bread to stay on a hook?

WET BREAD. Sliced bread can be made a lot more user-friendly by wetting and compressing it the day before you go fishing. This produces a much denser bait that holds together. First, remove the crusts from a few slices of thick white bread then soak them for a minute in cold water.

Can you freeze groundbait?

You can freeze groundbait, i would only freeze it once then use it. There will be no activity in your groundbait if you freeze it though.

What is the best groundbait for Tench?

Red groundbait is very popular too, being a big favourite for carp, bream and tench. Red groundbait tends to works well in the summer months in heavily coloured lakes, tying in well with red maggots, worms and red sweetcorn.

How long does mixed groundbait last?

However, if it gets damp or you have already mixed it with liquid and brought it back home with you for example then it will last a day or two at most! If you’ve left it in a bucket for longer than a week then just throw the bucket away!

What is the best groundbait for carp?

With so many options, I am going to run you through a few of my favourites groundbaits and how I fish with them!

  • Sticky Baits Manilla Active Mix. …
  • Munch Baits Cream Seed Stick Mix. …
  • DNA Baits Cloudy Spod Mix Blizzard. …
  • CC Moore Krill Bag Mix. …
  • Dynamite Baits Krill Method Mix. …
  • Sonubaits Chunky Fish Groundbait.


What is the best SPOD mix for carp?

1. Munga Special Blend Recipe

  • 2kg of Cooked Hemp (Buy)
  • 5 Handfuls of Cooked Tiger Nuts (Buy)
  • 3 pints of milk.
  • 2 Tins of Tuna.
  • 1kg of Mixed Pellets (Buy)
  • 3 Tins of Rice Pudding.
  • 1kg of Sweetcorn.
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