Can you fish at Lake Palmdale?

Lake Palmdale is located in the City of Palmdale and is approximately 35 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Fishing in the lake is reserved for members of the Palmdale Fin and Feather Club, which stocks the lake with fish under an agreement with the Palmdale Water District.

Where can I fish in Palmdale?

Best fishing spots in Palmdale, CA

  • Palmdale Fin & Feather Club. 2.5 mi. 11 reviews. …
  • Apollo Community Regional Park. 10.8 mi. 39 reviews. …
  • Soledad Canyon RV & Camping Resort. 11.4 mi. 110 reviews. …
  • Pacific Islander Sportfishing. 69.1 mi. 13 reviews. …
  • Davey’s Locker Sport Fishing & Whale Watching. 69.6 mi. 3234 reviews. …
  • SEA Landing. 89.9 mi. 45 reviews. …
  • SoCal Rafting. 82.1 mi.

What kind of fish are in Lake Palmdale?

About Lake Palmdale

The most popular species caught here are Rainbow trout, Largemouth bass, and Channel catfish. 1361 catches are logged on Fishbrain.

How deep is the Palmdale Lake?

The lake is 1.05 miles long at its greatest point (northwest to southeast), by 0.50 miles in width (southwest to northeast). … The Palmdale Fin & Feather Club regularly stockes the lake with trout and catfish during fishing season, and provides plenty of other species to fish for.

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Where can I fish in Antelope Valley?

California Aqueduct offers 3 fishing sites in the Antelope Valley, 70th Street West Site, 77th East Site, and Munz Ranch Rd Site. Known for its catfish, striped bass, and carp.

Can you fish Bouquet Reservoir?

Can you fish in Bouquet Reservoir? Bouquet Reservoir is near Santa Clarita. The most popular species caught here is Smallmouth bass. … Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local rules and regulations.

Where can I fish in Castaic Lake?

The cove around Hawk’s Nest is a good place for pan fish. At the Castaic Lagoon fish along the rocks on the south shore and near the east ramp. Other good places include the south shore by the bridge.

What is Lake Palmdale an example of?

Lake Palmdale is an artificial lake completed in 1924 along with the nearby Little Rock Reservoir created by Little Rock Dam. Its source of water is the California State Water Project and it is fed by the California Aqueduct.

What is Palmdale known for?

Separated from Los Angeles by the San Gabriel Mountains, Palmdale lies north of Los Angeles and is nicknamed the ‘aerospace capital of America’ due to its main industry being that of aerospace technology.

Is Littlerock Dam open?

There are no plans to reopen its facilities to the public. The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has developed a safe eating advisory for Little Rock Reservoir based on levels of mercury or PCBs found in fish caught from this water body.

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What county is Lake Piru?

Lake Piru (/ˈpaɪ̯ɹu/) is a reservoir located in Los Padres National Forest and Topatopa Mountains of Ventura County, California, created by the construction in 1955 of the Santa Felicia Dam on Piru Creek, which is a tributary of the Santa Clara River.

Fishing is legal in the aqueduct, and fishermen have staked out spots along its concrete banks for both day and night fly-fishing.

Where can I fish in California Aqueduct?

We recommend fishing near bridges, pumps, siphons, and gates. The location linked below is to the Buena Vista Golf Course gates. This is the most popular section of the Aqueduct to fish and for good reason.

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