Can you still surf fish in Delaware?

The surf fishing vehicle permit serves as the permit-holder of record’s fishing license when fishing in designated Delaware State Park surf fishing areas, as long as all rules and regulations are followed. Other anglers must have valid fishing licenses issued by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Are Delaware beaches open for surf fishing?

Due to the Governor Carney’s new Emergency orders the Delaware State Park’s beaches are now closed to walk on and drive on users. We are not allowed to drive on and surf fish the beaches. I know that is disappointing to everyone. Fishing is not totally closed there are open areas, please practice social distancing.

Can you fish in Delaware right now?

For now, you can still fish from the banks near the pier. Better yet, if you have a surf fishing tag, you can drive on the beach to try to catch dinner. … Moore’s Lake is a popular fishing spot for residents of the state capital. Its 27 acres of fresh water is home to largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch and crappie.

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Where can I surf fish in Delaware?

10 prime fishing holes at Delaware Beaches

  • Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier: The fishing pier at Cape Henlopen is a great place to catch fish at all times, as the pier is open 24/7. …
  • Herring Point: For those who love to surf fish, Herring Point is the place to be.

Are Delaware surf tags sold out?

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control announced today it has reached its cap of 17,000 Delaware Surf-Fishing Permits issued for the calendar year.

Can you fish on the beach in Rehoboth?

Delaware surf fishing near Rehoboth Beach is particularly popular because there are so many prime spots. You’re bound to reel in an assortment of local fish including flounder, stripers, bluefish, croakers, rockfish, sea trout at any of these locations: Herring Point.

How much is a Delaware surf fishing tag?

The Surf-Fishing Permit fee for Delaware residents is $90, while out-of-state residents is $180. Delaware residents 62 and older will receive a discounted rate of $80.

How much does a Delaware fishing license cost?

Delaware Fishing

2021 License / Stamp Fees
License Category Resident Non-resident
General Fishing License $8.50 $20.00
7-day Tourist Fishing NA $12.50
*Boat License 20 ft or less (optional) $40.00 $40.00

What fish are in season in Delaware?

Species Open Season Minimum Size
Scup All Year 8 inches
Spanish Mackerel All Year 14 inches
Spotted Seatrout All Year 12 inches
Striped bass All year, Catch and release only on spawning grounds Apr 1-May 31 28-37 inches, 44 inches or greater; 20-25 in only on Jul 1-Aug 31 in Delaware River
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What fish can you keep in Delaware?

2020 Delaware Fishing Regulations & Creel limits

Tidal Waters
Atlantic croaker All year 8 inches
Atlantic sturgeon Endangered – no harvest permitted (see also Sport fishing Tournament)
Black drum All year 16 inches
Black sea bass May 15 – Dec. 31 12.5 inches (excluding caudal filament)

Can you fish on Lewes Beach?

One of the main attractions of Lewes is its convenient location at the mouth of the Delaware Bay, giving the angler an exciting variety of fishing options from which to choose: surf, inshore bay and ocean, and offshore ocean and canyon fishing.

What fish are they catching in Lewes Delaware?

Freshwater anglers chase largemouth, smallmouth, and striped bass, walleye, pickerel, both black and white crappie, Atlantic salmon, as well as five species of trout. Check out these Lewes, DE fishing resources: Fishing Licenses. Fishing Regulations.

What are they catching in the Delaware Bay?

Bloodworms and FishBite bloodworms have been the top baits. Live minnows worked close to the pilings have produced most of the flounder. The majority of these fish will be shorts, but a few keepers are caught on most tides.

Can you drive on the beach in Delaware?

Operating a vehicle without a current surf fishing vehicle permit and plate on state park beach areas or dune crossings is prohibited. Driving on swimming and surfboarding beaches during summer season day-use hours is not permitted.

Are beaches free in Delaware?

Beach rules: Unlike the Jersey shore, many Delaware beaches are free. But they’re not free of rules. Smoking, alcohol and overnight sleeping are banned on the beach.

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Are Delaware state parks still free?

Daily entry fees or passes are required for entrance to Delaware State Parks. Visitors without a state park annual pass must pay the daily fee via automated credit card machines, at manned fee booths, or using self-registration fee envelopes, depending on the location.

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