How many acres is Fish Lake in Mora Minnesota?

Fish Lake is located southwest of Mora, Minnesota, in Kanabec County. With a surface area of about 399 acres and a maximum depth of 9.5 feet, it is in the upper fifteenth percent of the lakes in the state in terms of area, but is extremely shallow.

How big is Fish Lake in MN?

Fish Lake Reservoir is a 3,071 acre lake located northwest of Duluth, with 75% (2,303 acres) littoral area and a maximum depth of 36 feet. Minnesota Power owns and operates a public access on the north side of the lake located at the end of Township Road 285.

How many fish lakes are in Minnesota?

With over 10,000 lakes in our state, it can be hard to be creative enough for each to have a unique name.

What kind of fish are in Fish Lake MN?

Comments: Fish Lake is a bass-panfish lake with an abundant population of Northern Pike. The 2008 DNR fish survey found good numbers of Bluegill, Black Crappie, and Northern Pike. Panfish are small, and the Northern Pike are also on the small side – averaging 22 inches.

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How big is fishlake?

3,907 кв. мили

Is Fish Lake Minnesota Open?

The Fish Lake beach is free, but unguarded, and is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Restrooms and rentals are available at the nearby pavilion.

Where is Big Fish Lake MN?

Big Fish Lake is a 532 acre lake located five miles north of Cold Spring in Stearns County.

What is the most common name for a lake in Minnesota?

The most common lake name is Mud Lake. There are 261 Mud Lakes in Minnesota.

What are the top 10 cleanest lakes in Minnesota?

These Are The 10 Most Pristine Lakes In Minnesota… And They’re Positively Stunning

  • Sabin (Embarrass Mine), St Louis County – ID 69042900. …
  • Jessie Pit, Itasca County – ID 31128100. …
  • Three Island Lake, Itasca County – ID 31054200. …
  • Fraser Pit, St Louis County – ID 69130000. …
  • Clearwater Lake, Cook County – ID 16013900.


What are the cleanest lakes in Minnesota?

Deer Lake. Deer Lake covers 4,156 acres and is roughly 5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide and known as one of the clearest lakes in Minnesota. The deep, crystal clear water has visibility up to 11 feet -– talk about scenic!

Where is Fish Lake located?

Fish Lake is a high alpine lake (elevation approximately 8,848 ft or 2,700 m) located in the Fishlake/ Southern Wasatch Plateau region of south-central Utah, United States.

Fish Lake (Utah)

Fish Lake
Location Sevier County, Utah, United States
Coordinates 38°32′55″N 111°42′40″WCoordinates: 38°32′55″N 111°42′40″W
Primary inflows 2535.35
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How big is Fish Lake Maple?

Fish Lake is a productive, 223-acre lake located in Maple Grove, Hennepin County.

What is the biggest fish in Utah?

Ten-year-old Tyler Grimshaw recently caught this 41-pound lake trout at Flaming Gorge — caught and released by him self. Happy #FishFriday! — with LG Ricker. According to the news outlet, the Utah state record for largest trout caught is 51 pounds, 8 ounces.

Is Fish Lake a volcano?

We now know that the Fish Lake volcanic rocks probably originated from one of the calderas in the Marysvale Volcanic Field to the west (the Osiris can be traced to the Monroe Peak Caldera and is considered a regional marker layer).

Can you swim in Fish Lake?

Fish Lake Regional Park offers outdoor recreation in a wooded, lakeside setting. Water enthusiasts enjoy swimming, boating or ice fishing on Fish Lake. You’ll also find picnic areas and a rental pavilion. … Fish Lake offers turf trails for snowshoeing and hiking in winter.

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