Question: Is there fishing in Custer State Park?

Custer State Park is open to fishing year-round. Lakes are stocked with brook, brown and rainbow trout, but wild trout thrive in the area’s pristine waters. Residents and nonresidents need a valid South Dakota fishing license, which can be purchased online or at retail sporting goods and bait shops.

Can you buy a fishing license at Custer State Park?

Custer State Park Fishing. You can purchase your South Dakota fishing license online at this link. … Annual license for nonresidents is $60. Annual license for residents is $25.

Where can I buy a fishing license in Custer SD?

The fishing season never closes in South Dakota but anglers are required to obtain a fishing license. You may buy it online from the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Office or from an authorized agent.

Do you have to pay to drive through Custer State Park?

Entrance Fee

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You’ll have to pay the Custer State Park admission fee of $20 per vehicle/ $10 per motorcycle which allows you to visit the park for up to 7 days. If you are traveling non-stop on US Highway 16A tell the park ranger and you’ll be exempt from the admission fee.

Are there bears in Custer State Park?

PREDATORS—Mountain lions, coyotes and fox are the larger resident predators. Black bears, while seen occasionally, are rare there.

Is Custer State Park free?

Custer State Park is open year-round, 24 hours per day. Fees: A temporary (1-7 days) license is $20 per vehicle. … An entrance license is required of all park visitors.

How much does it cost to enter the Badlands?

Badlands National Park is waiving the typical entrances fees of $30.00 for private vehicles, $25.00 for motorcycles and $15.00 for bicyclists. The entrance fee waiver does not cover amenity or user fees for camping.

How much does a North Dakota fishing license cost?


Fee Amount
Individual Season Fishing* – nonresidents under 16 do not need a fishing license if accompanied by a licensed adult, except that paddlefish tags are required for all paddlefish snaggers. $48
Married Couple Season Fishing* $63
3 Day Fishing* $28
10 Day Fishing* $38

How much is a SD fishing license?

License Types & Costs

License Fee
Resident Annual Fishing $28*
Resident 1-Day Fishing $8*
Resident Senior Fishing (age 65 and older) $12*
Resident Setline License $5

How much is a 3 day fishing license in South Dakota?

Different Fishing Licenses in South Dakota

Nonresident Family Fishing $67
Nonresident Annual Fishing $67
Nonresident 1-Day Fishing $16
Nonresident 3-Day Fishing $37
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How much time do you need at Custer State Park?

All of Custer State Park can be seen in 1 day, but you can also see the main highlights in just half a day. If you have more time and want to travel at a slower pace and/or add in multiple hikes or a guided tour, you’ll need at least 2-3 days in Custer.

How far is Custer State Park from Mt Rushmore?

About 30-40 minutes. Be sure to take Iron Mountain Road toward Mount Rushmore (from Custer State Park to Mount Rushmore) for some amazing photo opportunities! over a year ago. About half an hour drive.

Do you need reservations for Custer State Park?

Reservations are not available online, call 1.800. 710.2267; available 1 year in advance. Directions: Located along Stockade Lake Drive, 4 miles east of the town of Custer on US Hwy 16A.

Are there grizzly bears in South Dakota?

Grizzly bears once numbered about 50,000 and ranged over much of North America, including much of South Dakota and North Dakota. … The bears roam both inside and outside the park, and their range has been expanding as their numbers have grown.

Are there wolves in South Dakota?

There are no known populations of wolves in South Dakota.

Are there moose in Custer State Park?

Custer State Park is famous for its wildlife, but not for its moose. … Park staff and visitors have spotted a young bull moose in several locations in the park, beginning Tuesday.

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