Quick Answer: What is the ending of big fish and begonia?

Despite the fact that the caretaker seemed to be a mean-spirited being taking the life away from Chun and Qiu, he ends up rewarding them in the end. Chun is reborn, without her powers, and allowed to return to the human world with Kun. Qiu, having stuck a deal that would end his life to save hers, finds himself reborn.

What is the meaning of big fish and begonia?

Best one can make of this stunning and frequently incomprehensible fable, “Big Fish & Begonia” tells of dolphin-girl Chun who sacrifices her immortality to rescue a human boy, traveling back and forth between the world of men and the mystical realm of “the Others,” which are connected by enormous whirlpools.

Is Big Fish and begonia Ghibli?

There will probably not be a single review of the Chinese animated epic “Big Fish & Begonia” that does not make reference to Japan’s Studio Ghibli and its most celebrated filmmaker, the world-renowned Hayao Miyazaki.

When was big fish and Begonia made?


Who wrote big fish and begonia?

Лян Сюань

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How did Qiu die?

The next day, Chun bids Kun farewell as Qiu opens one last portal for his return. At the same time, Qiu, following the soul keeper’s instructions, casts a spell that will send Chun to the human world while killing him by setting him on magical fire.

What happens at the end of big fish?

The father is in the hospital, dying, he asks his son to tell him how he dies. … the father turns into the BIG FISH and swims away. it then turns to the real funeral scene. The son realises that his father wasn’t lying, just stretches the truth to make the story more interesting.

How long is big fish and begonia?

1h 46m

Is Big Fish and begonia on Netflix?

Sorry, Big Fish & Begonia is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Germany and start watching German Netflix, which includes Big Fish & Begonia.

What is the definition of begonia?

: any of a large genus (Begonia of the family Begoniaceae, the begonia family) of tropical or subtropical herbs and shrubs that have asymmetrical leaves and are widely cultivated as ornamentals.

Will there be a big fish and Begonia 2?

Liang Xuan:We’re working on the sequel to Big Fish & Begonia, and are currently in the pre-production phase. In the future we’ll work on other fantasy or sci-fi animated films. Our thanks to Zhang Chun, Liang Xuan and Shout! Factory for the opportunity.

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Will there be a sequel to Big Fish and begonia?

Zhang and Liang are already doing pre-production work for the sequel to Big Fish & Begonia. After that, they to hope to create other fantasy or sci-fi animated films. Shout! Studios will release Big Fish & Begonia in select theaters nationwide April 6.

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