Where can I go fishing in Launceston?

Where can I fish in Launceston?

There are five main environments for suburban trout fishing available to Launceston residents: tailrace, tidal waters, dams, rivers and small streams. Of these, the most popular is certainly the tailrace at Riverside where water from Trevallyn dam is released after passing through the power station.

What fish can you catch in Tasmania?

Trout aren’t the only fish that are abundant in Tasmania, Australian salmon, bream, whiting and flathead are also found in many bays, beaches and estuaries and even big game fishers will enjoy the challenge big tuna and marlin present in Bicheno, Coles Bay, St Helens, Triabunna, Eaglehawk Neck, Strahan, the Tasman …

Where is the best trout fishing in Tasmania?

Tassie’s top fly fishing spots

  • South Esk River. South Esk System – This catchment area has great trout / fly fishing along its length and was one of the rivers chosen for the 2012 Commonwealth championships.
  • Penstock Lagoon. …
  • Little Pine Lagoon. …
  • Great Lake. …
  • Arthurs Lake. …
  • Brumbys Creek. …
  • Western lakes. …
  • Huon River System.
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What is the fishing like in Tasmania?

Tasmania’s Fishing Seasons

And there are 14 inland waterways that stay open year-round. Summertime is great for saltwater fishing. Sea bream spawn in early summer while calamari and tuna are abundant in late summer. Trumpeter Perch and Morwong can be caught in the ocean off the east coast year-round.

Where can I fish on Bruny Island?

Fishing. Bruny Island offers great fishing spots for Tasmanian local Salmon, squid, flat head and all Tasmanian’s fish. Closest at Alonnah jetty or drive another 10 minutes to Lunawanna jetty, more to Adventure Bay jetty.

Do you need a fishing Licence in Tasmania?

Any person over the age of 14 must have a current angling licence to fish with a rod, reel or line at any inland water in Tasmania. This includes farm dams on private property. Most inland waters have an open season. You must have a separate licence for whitebait fishing.

Are you allowed to fillet fish at sea?

There are no regulations that prohibit the filleting of fish at sea. Where the fish in question is subject to a size limit, it would be beneficial to only fillet larger fish where there would be no doubt as to the original size of the fish.

What would be the most common freshwater cold climate fish in Tasmania?

Galaxiids dominate the freshwater fish fauna of Tasmania (making up 64% of native fish species). While they don’t provide much sport for anglers, they are important components of its iconic freshwater ecosystems.

How much is a fishing license in Tasmania?

How much does an angling licence cost?

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Licence type Fee
One Season licence – One Adult 1 Rod $75.50
One Season licence – One Adult 2 Rod $91.00
One Season licence – One Pensioner 1 Rod $41.50
One Season licence – One Pensioner 2 Rod $49.20

Are there trout in Tasmania?

Trout were first introduced into Tasmania from England in 1864. … Nearly all rivers, streams and lakes hold trout. There are four species of salmonids in Tasmania: brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and Atlantic salmon.

What is Tasmanian trout?

These fish mature where the wild waters of Franklin-Gordon Rivers meet the salty waters of the Great Southern Ocean. Petuna’s Tasmanian Ocean Trout has a creamy, velvet-like texture with excellent mouth feel. Even though it looks like salmon it tastes similar to trout but with its own unique umami flavor.

Where can I catch salmon in Tasmania?


The salmon cages are mainly in the Huon district, south of Hobart, so it is no surprise that the best Atlantic salmon fishing areas include the Huon, Esperance, and Lune rivers. An added bonus is that these rivers also offer superb sea-run trout fishing.

Where can I catch tuna in Tasmania?

Can be found in close to sea cliffs but generally found in waters from 40 metres depth. Fishing information: Southern bluefin tuna are actively targeted by game fishers off Tasmania’s east and south coasts during autumn and into winter.

Is there bass fish in Tasmania?

The rivers on the east coast of Tasmania are said to offer some of the best bream fishing in Australia, with the Derwent River boasting the biggest weight of bream ever weighed in an ABT (Australian Bass Tournaments) bream tournament – nearly 13 kilograms for 10 fish.

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Where can I get snapper in Tasmania?

Snapper Fishing in Tasmania

  • St Helens. Pinky Snapper are regularly caught throughout the Bay. …
  • Flinders Island. Flinders Island is the most talked about snapper area I know in Tassie, local anglers regularly boat good catches of big snapper. …
  • Bridport. …
  • Tamar River. …
  • North West Coast.


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